[Lifestyle] Weekly Update #3 – Ups and Downs – Blessings Upon Blessings

Hi hi hi!

First off, I will have to apologize if this particular post seems a bit depressing, but life has its many ups and downs and unfortunately this is just how it goes. I tend to have these moments when things just start to build up, but I will get into that a little more. Secondly, apologies for the lack of pictures – life just goes by so fast, I like to enjoy the ride and see it for my own eyes instead of being behind a camera.


Another church day and today we started a new series called Crucial Conversations and week 1 focused on the skeptic. This is the person who has reservations about God and the bible. It very interesting, click here to check out the sermon or click here to check out the notes.

Sunday was also filled with grocery shopping – I try to buy groceries so it will last me two weeks (until I get paid) that way I’m not constantly running to the grocery store. This is a great way to save some money.


Surprisingly work went by extremely quickly. I was able to catch up on some things for my other project and later that night I was able to work on it more! I’m almost done, and I promise, once I’m done I will share with you what I have been working tirelessly on.IMG_6853.JPG

For dinner I attempted to make bulgogi which is a Korean marinated meat that you typically grill. You can find it at a lot of Korean BBQ places and it’s one of my faves (and my boyfriend’s fave too). However, on Sunday, I decided to take a nap which meant I didn’t have time to marinate the meat in the sauce. So I tried to use our new pressure cooker to cook it, but because the meat is so thin, it actually ended up becoming chewier. I didn’t really care for the taste, but my boyfriend sure enjoyed it.


I hate tax season – I love the return, but I just loathe doing my taxes. It’s also a more complicated process now because I have my condo that I own. I actually went over to my parentals so they could use my laptop to work on their taxes, however, my dad was asleep (he works graveyard) and I guess he thought I was going to just leave my laptop there? I couldn’t do that — I have too many things I’m working on that utilize my laptop. So that was a fail, but I got free dinner out of it so I am the one who came away as a winner. I’ll probably leave the laptop there on Sunday so they can work on taxes.IMG_6892

Oh! I almost forgot to add – I got my used Emerald Vibe in! If you are a bowler, you will know how beloved and treasured this ball was/is. As badly as I wanted it back when it was popular, I just couldn’t get it because we could only find it in 15lbs. Now that I can throw 15 I jumped on the opportunity to purchase it. Seriously, I am so happy, I can barely contain it. I can’t wait to get it plugged and drilled so I can finally throw it.


This morning, I saw the cutest thing! Well, I thought it was cute, everybody else thought it was disturbing/gross, but I found these little paw-prints on the hood of my car! There’s a cat that I have seen around my complex and it’s such a little cutie – the reason why I say it is because I’m not sure if it’s male or female… Anyhow, I guess it decided that my car was in the way and the best way to solve its problem was to jump on top of my car. Yes, my car is dirty, but I live in a dust-bowl and I don’t park in a garage okay?!IMG_6905

For some reason, the work day went by so quickly. When I finally looked at the clock, it was 2:00 and I had completely forgotten about lunch. I quickly heated it up and scarfed it down.

League was okay, but so confusing. For some reason by timing was really bad during the first and second game. By the third game everything was back and in sync for the most part, but the lanes were just so touchy. Ended going through all three of my bowling balls.

When I got home I decided to make myself one of my favorite go-tos… my Easy Keto Pizza! It’s so yummy and so quick to make and it always satisfies my craving for pizza. Let’s be real, I’m constantly craving pizza lol so I love being able to quickly toss this together. Want the DL on this? Check out my blog post here!


It was one of the slowest days at work! In between tasks, I continued to work on my side project. After work I stopped by Sephora to pick up my holy grail Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray and I also picked up one of their other setting sprays to use with my Blotterazi.IMG_6902

After that, I hiked my way to Tivoli Village to meet some of my coworkers for dinner to celebrate my coworker’s birthday. It’s a long story, I won’t get too deep into it. Then I headed home to jump into my PJs and snuggle up in bed… JK I went home and worked on a few posts and started to edit a keto diet update video as well as a YouTube rant.


The day went by pretty slowly, but league went amazingly well. About half way through the first game, every time I took my first step my right calf would almost cramp. So the entire night I was focused on making sure my leg wouldn’t cramp up. I was so distracted by that, I wasn’t really paying attention to my score. By the final frame of the last game, everyone was congratulating me. I didn’t understand why, but then someone told me, “You got the honor series for women!” I was seriously stunned.IMG_6912

Here’s the thing, this week was a difficult week for me mentally. I go through these stages of questioning my faith and also questioning what my purpose is. I don’t just want to fade into the background when all is said and done. I want to have an impact on someone’s life and I mean a profound impact, but I just felt like I am going nowhere. It was difficult to drive into work every morning just feeling like I was just existing. However, after league I realized something. I was focusing so much on the pain and just trying to prevent it that I didn’t notice the good things that were happening (my scored). I didn’t realize how well I was doing and I didn’t recognize that some of my teammates were struggling. I was just focused on my pain and woes. To apply this in life, I was focusing on my own problems and the fact that I wasn’t finding contentment in my situation, but because of that, I missed out on the good that was occurring around me. I wasn’t appreciating the time I had to spend with my boyfriend and family, but instead, I just loathed in my own depressive cloud.

The problem is, I can’t just snap my fingers and automatically have the depressing clouds dissipate, but I can work at reminding myself there is always good, I just need to be on the lookout.


Of course I had to take in my Emerald Vibe to get it plugged and drilled. I met my boyfriend at our favorite local pro shop JB Bowling Supply since he had a ball that he also wanted to get plugged and drilled. He ended up walking away with a three-ball roller and I ended up walking away with nothing – which is a good thing! It’s easy for me to get carried away in that store. If you are ever in the Las Vegas area for a bowling tournament and are searching for a down-to-earth pro shop filled with amazing people, check out JB.IMG_6916

After that I stopped by Greens and Proteins to pick up some lunch. I ended up having their buffalo chicken wrap on a wheat wrap with tofu fries. It was okay, but the tofu fires were delicious! It was raining all day and I loved it. I love the gloomy weather and it was just a perfect day.

Later that night we went over to my boyfriend’s friend’s house to play 7 Wonders (he has a problem! lol). We only ended up playing one game because someone just had too many questions.

I can’t wait to let you guys know what happened on Sunday!




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