[Beauty] Makeup Pick-Up | Too Faced Mystery Bag

Hi hi hi!

I’m sure I have admitted it on here before, but if you’re new you may not necessarily know this. I am a self-proclaimed shopaholic. I love to shop and I can shop when I’m in a good mood or when I’m in a bad mood. I use it as an escape and I love the instant gratification it provides me. Anyhow, I wanted to share something that I picked up from Too Faced’s website.

As much as I love Too Faced, their products just haven’t wowed me like they have in the past. I do appreciate the quality of their products, but it’s been a while since I actively sought out some of their items. However, they had a huge sale going on and as soon as I saw my text message about it, I was already browsing the website. I stumbled upon their Mystery Bag which was only $20 and the retail value was upwards of $120! I thought to myself that this is an amazing deal and I would be foolish not to pick it up. In total I spent $25 ($5 for shipping – I swear, this is like the only time that I’m okay with paying for shipping).IMG_6968

Alright, so here is an overview of everything that was in the bag. You’ll notice that four of these items are full size and I also got a sample of their infamous Better Than Sex mascara.

Le Creme Lipstick – Double Bubble – Retail: $22.00

When I saw the Le Creme lipstick I was extremely excited and then I realized what the color was and disappointment hit me like a brick. This is a bright pink with a lavender/purple undertone. I’m not a huge fan of bright colors so I was pretty disappointed with this. I tried to apply a thin layer using my ring finger, but I ended up looking dead. It’s just not a good color for me.

Size Queen Mascara – Retail: $21.00 (As of 3/15 on sale for $18.90)

I was pretty excited to get a full-size mascara, but it has been a while since I have used any of their mascaras. Unfortunately with my eyes constantly being watery, I have had to switch to waterproof versions and I just couldn’t really justify spending so much money on something that I’m constantly having to repurchase. Anyhow, the last mascara I tried from Too Faced was Lash Injection and it was my favorite mascara for a while. I could only ever afford to purchase it in the small sample size but I really loved it.

Anyhow, this particular mascara was not my favorite to work with and I’m sure when you see the picture you’ll know why. The applicator is as big as my eye! Seriously this thing is huge and intimidating (that’s what he claimed/that’s what she said). The applicator looks gimmicky just because of the sheer size of it! I feel like I’m only using ⅓ of the applicator which makes me question, why even create something like this?!

The formula is dry and reminds me a lot of the Lash Injection mascara which was a drier formula and very lightwright. I didn’t notice any flaking throughout the day, however I did top it off with my L’Oreal Lash Paradise since it’s waterproof.

Overall, love the formula hate the applicator.

Perfect Eyes – Waterproof Eyeliner (Pencil) – Retail: $18.00 (As of 3/15 there are only two colors available for $16.20/each)

I’m not a huge fan of pencil liners – they just never stay put for my wonky lids and it’s a problem I have come to accept, however, I do like to use pencils for tightlining which I have just gotten back into. This particular pencil is sturdy and provides a lot of control. The actual pencil is extremely soft and applies a very opaque layer of color. I really am a fan of it for tightlining because I don’t have to go back and forth trying to get color to deposit on my waterline.

Better Than Sex Mascara – Trial Size – Original Size Retail: $23.00

Have yet to try it, but I promise, I will soon.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Palette – Original Price: $36.00 (As of 3/15 on sale for $32.40)

Now this is where I’m going to have to rant a little in regards to Too Faced. Like I had mentioned before, I haven’t been actively seeking their palettes for a few years now and it’s because to me, the palettes all have the same look to them. A bunch of neutral colors with a mix of shimmers and mattes and a pop of color either a purple, pink or blue. With that being said, I was very much interested to see what this particular palette would look like in regards to color scheme and once I saw it in PR photos, I was pretty disappointed. Again, it’s a bunch of warm browns with a pop of color – nothing new. The palette is one that I know I will use, but I’m glad I didn’t pay full price for it.

The pigmentation is as good as any other Too Faced palette and of course, they blendability is amazing! It’s a good palette, but it just reminds me that the palettes are all the same.

Total Cost (without sales): $120.00IMG_6969

I definitely think I got more than my money’s worth in regards to this particular Mystery Bag. I am pleased with the products I received and I’m glad that majority of them were full-size products. My only gripe is that I wish some of these products weren’t being “cleaned out.” I wished they would have included one product that was in their regular line. A part of me feels like it was an easy way for them to clean house, which I understand from a business perspective because they still lost money on this, but as a consumer, it just felt like I received a bunch of rejects.

Let me know if you purchased a Mystery Bag from Too Faced’s recent sale and what you received! You can tag me on Instagram @ciaociao808 or leave a comment/picture in the comments below!



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