[Lifestyle] Weekly Update #4 – Bowling is LIFE

Hi hi hi!

All I can say is that this week started off with a bang. I’m so sorry if you don’t understand bowling or if you don’t really care about it. If that’s the case, you can probably skip through and read about Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. However, I do want to incorporate more bowling posts (eventually) and I’m also hoping to incorporate it more into my Instagram and YouTube channel. In what capacity, I haven’t quite figured that out yet. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a pretty huge part of my life…


Today, I bowled my first ABT (Amateur Bowlers Tour) tournament. I have to admit I wasn’t too prepared to bowl it, but I figured there’s no harm. So I woke up early and went to church with my mom and sisters, and right after church, I headed back home to change and get ready.

We continued the Crucial Conversations series at church and we sang all of my favorite songs during worship. There’s one song in particular that has been playing on repeat in my mind throughout the whole weekend and it’s Reckless Love by Cory Asbury. It’s such a beautiful song and it’s a song that I think a lot of people need to hear. See, there’s such a misconception, in my opinion, about faith and the relationship with God, but Reckless Love summarizes the relationship we have with God. It’s a song that will help you get through difficult times, when you feel lost, or when you just don’t know if He’s there. Take a listen!

Bowling the ABT I didn’t have any expectations going into it. All I wanted to do was get some type of experience and see what the field was like. I ended about +100 something I think for 3 games, and ended up qualifying for the semi-final round, which was an additional 3 games. By the end of first game, my score was the cut at +38 (I had 30 pins of handicap). Second game, I just had a ton of bad breaks – ended up shooting 191 scratch and I was out of contention after the second game. Then the third game, I knew I just had to make good shots and keep the adjustments simple. I can’t remember what I ended up shooting, but I know I gave myself a really good chance at making the cut for the step-ladder final.IMG_6923

When they made the announcement regarding the step-ladder final, I was pumped to know that I was 4th-seed! I ended up winning against the 5th-seed and 3rd-seed. I knew the 2nd-seed bowler was really good, and after the third frame, I knew he had a better look on the pair than I did. However, I was able to keep myself in it. He had me finish first, so when I stepped up into the 10th frame, I knew that if I just marked, I could potentially win this match and I had a really good look on this particular lane all game. So I threw my final ball, and it looked like all the other ones I threw, but about 45 ft. down the lane I just see it check up like no tomorrow and I was left with a split (2/9). I had a great run and ended up third – not too shabby for my first ABT!


Nothing too exciting at work… never really is. However, as soon as I got home the boyfriend and I headed out to do some grocery shopping. It was getting late, so we picked up some steaks for dinner along with instant mashed potatoes. I must say, the steak was probably the best steak that I have made in a really long time. It was juicy and not extremely chewy. I was so proud of myself.

I also spent the night doing laundry and dishes.. Yay! I swear, laundry and dishes are a never ending cycle. It makes me wonder how my mom did it all! It also makes me appreciate her for being able to do it all.


I woke up kind of early and worked on an In The Kitchen post featuring my favorite breakfast as of late, egg scramble with tofu, delicious! I also had time to prepare pot roast. I threw everything into our Instant Pot wannabe and set it to slow cook on low for 8 hours.

Unfortunately I forgot to add the potatoes, so it was a perfect excuse to run to Wally-World (Walmart) for quick cooking potatoes as well as a few other things I have been wanting to pick up. I was also able to find avocado oil and cooking spray there! Such a good find – I was seriously considering a Costco membership just so I could buy them. So happy that I could find them at Wally-World.

The pot roast came out a lot better than I thought it would, but I think I put in too many carrots because it really overpowered everything else. However, the meat was tender and falling apart, I ended up having to shred it into chunks since cutting it wasn’t working.


It felt like the day would never end! Work went by extremely slow and league just felt like it dragged on. I don’t understand why so much maintenance had to be done as we were bowling – why couldn’t it have been done prior to? We bowl at 6:00 – AT NIGHT! The pair that we were on constantly broke down and there was one point where we couldn’t event bowl for 10 minutes because they had to actually replace a part in pinsetter. I was so ticked off because they refused to let us move to a different pair. By the time they finally moved us we were only in the third frame of our first game and everyone else had already started their second game. I was beyond irritated, I didn’t care about my scores I just wanted to leave.IMG_6964

Oh! I also got my new ball, but I think the pitch in my thumb is wrong because I kept getting stuck in it.


DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT HAS BEEN SINCE I HAD MY FRIED CALAMARI? GUESS WHAT I DID NOT GET TONIGHT…. MY FRIED CALAMARI. I was craving it so badly I was tempted to head over to the casino after work, but I’m glad my laziness took over. I ended up just going home and preparing my black bean burger (recipe from my favorite person, The Pioneer Woman). I actually didn’t have everything so I kind of macgyvered it and it ended up tasting okay – definitely needed more salt, but because I used canned black beans, I wasn’t sure how salty it would be. I also made a sun dried tomato pesto mayo to go on my slices of bread, yes, I ate bread, but I was at a pretty low carb intake yesterday by the time I left work, I was only at 17g of carbs, so I needed something that could cover that and more.IMG_6996


Today is actually me and my boyfriend’s five year anniversary and I think it’s fitting that we will be spending the night at the bowling alley. You can think of it as an homage to where it all began.IMG_7003

Of course, afterwards, we had a very fancy pho date (sarcasm) and I enjoyed one of the new offerings they had – Vietnamese tacos with Korean Short Rib (a.k.a. Kalbi). It was absolutely delicious! Much needed after a long day.


We woke up early and headed down to a small tournament to see if we could possibly bowl – the boyfriend and I were on the standby list and luckily (or not so luckily) they were able to squeeze us in. I wasn’t sure how I would do since my entire body was sore and tight and not surprisingly, I didn’t do too well.

The scores were just unbelievably high, especially for this small tournament.

Afterwards, we did a little shopping, well, I should say the boyfriend did some shopping while I browsed around. I found out something interesting – I can wear youth sizes for certain shoes! Talk about being able to save some money! According to one of my friends, if you take your women’s size and subtract 2, that’s your youth size! Try it out and let me know how it works out for you – maybe you can save some money on NIKE’s, Adidas, etc.

Anyhow, this week was filled with bowling and next week will be filled with even more bowling! I am also trying to vlog little snippets here and there regarding life, but it’s tough when you’re constantly just living in the moment. I do have one to two videos that I’m planning to have posted some time this week, so make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube channel – click here! Feel free to also follow me on Instagram and Twitter @ciaociao808!




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