[Lifestyle] What I Ate Wednesday/What’s In Janellie’s Belly – March 21, 2018

Hi hi hi!

Wow, I think it’s been over a month since I did a What I Ate Wednesday! I know, it’s not going up on Wednesday, but hey, at least I actually ate these things on a Wednesday. I wanted to share how my diet has changed so far regarding going keto; after mentioning upping the amount of carbs and sugars I took in, I don’t think I ever provided a glimpse as to what I have been reaching for. Anyhow, let’s go!

Carbs and Sugars: So I have been lightly using my FitnessPal to track what I have been eating. The reason why I say lightly is because I don’t want to fall into a bad place like I have in the past. So right now, my daily allotment for carbs is 150g and sugars is 45g. What I have been having lately has been allowing me to meet these goals.


This is half of my breakfast…I ate the other half.

If you follow my blog or have been keeping up with me on Instagram (@ciaociao808), you’ll know that I have been in love with my tofu scramble. So this morning I had that, but a lighter version of it. I only used one egg and I didn’t add in tomatoes or my MorningStar crumbles. Instead, I opted to have two small homemade black bean patties. I like to think of them as faux breakfast sausage rounds. Wait, I just got a great idea, I need to make these in the shape of breakfast sausages! I will try to remember that for tomorrow. I topped off the patties with a little bit of swiss cheese and I opted to not add any additional toppings to my scramble besides cheese, because I am a sole believer that cheese makes the mornings.

As per usual, I had it with my 10oz cup of strong coffee, mixed with my keto kreamer and a couple of other things. I don’t tend to count the add-ins for my coffee because I use a small amount.


Around 11:30AM my stomach begins to growl and sometimes even sounds like it’s mad at me. I have been splitting my Pruvit Maui Punch into two servings because there’s just way too much for me to drink in one serving and if I let it sit, it develops a weird taste. Anyhow, to go along with my ketones, I have a medium banana. This usually keeps me full till I eat my lunch.


Again, this is half of my lunch… look, I was hungry and I forgot I was doing this – don’t judge me.

Today I actually splurged in regards to what I made myself for lunch. It had been so long since I had pasta, I just had to do a little rule-breaking. I opted for a gluten free penne with a little bit of alfredo sauce and a dab of sundried tomato pesto – yummy! I also topped it with two black bean patties topped with swiss cheese. Can you tell that I am obsessed with these little patties?!


On my drive home I chugged down the remaining Maui Punch and I had to be sure that I got my coconut water in because I had bowling and I didn’t want to cramp up. I also had my string cheese at bowling. 


When I got home, I made one of my favorites which is mini keto pizzas. Again, if you don’t follow my blog, you missed out on the recipe! Just kidding, it’s right here, but these things are so yummy and so easy to whip together. It’s great when you’re looking for something to just nourish your body. I used a new recipe for the “crust” and I didn’t like it, however, it was the first time that a keto bread didn’t taste like egg!


Here are my macros for the day. You can see that even with the pasta I was able to hit my macros. One of the most important things that I have learned on this journey is portion sizes matter… a lot. I could have easily eaten twice the amount of pasta that I made, but once I made myself aware of the label and what is considered a portion it helped me think of other ways to bulk up the meal.





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