[Lifestyle] What’s In Janellie’s Belly – What I Ate Wednesday

Hi hi hi!

Welcome to another What’s In Janellie’s Belly! This is where I show you an update as to what I’m eating and the way I’m progressing on the Keto Diet. However, for today’s post, I’m showing you my indulgent meals. As usual I will include my macros and everything as we go along.


This morning I actually went to the gym and I did a lot of heavy lifting. When I go to the gym I like to focus more on weights than anything else. The reason is muscle is what helps you burn calories when you are sedentary, so I’m trying to build that up as much as possible. However, after the gym, I am usually starving! So I decided to make some fried rice, but because I can’t have a lot of rice, I bulked it up with tofu. Of course, I also needed a meaty element so I added in my Morning Star Crumbles. To finish it off I added two eggs, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder. I topped it off with some mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese and I scarfed it down. I also had my usual coffee with ketone kreamer.


Instead of a pic of food – you just get a pic of me at the gym. 

Today, I actually had a lunch meeting and it was at one of my favorite restaurants – The Palm Las Vegas. I love their Salmon Caesar Salad, however, I opted to go for their Chicken Cobb Salad. I had to switch it up a little bit and keep things interesting. Unfortunately because it was a lunch meeting, it wasn’t appropriate to take a picture of it. So just imagine a delicious salad with bits of chicken, bacon, hard boiled egg, and avocado with a delicious garlic vinegarette. 

DinnerIMG_7208So this was a fail. It was supposed to be a chicken Parmesan casserole/bake, but it wasn’t till I started searing the chicken did I realize that I was exhausted. I have been up since 3AM and I really just wanted to sleep. So what I ended up doing was doing a lazy style chicken parm and put it on top of some steamed cauliflower with a lot of cheese. I also had my ketone drink because I had neglected to drink it earlier today and to be honest, I was hoping that it would help me stay awake for the remainder of the evening.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t extremely hungry today. I think it was because of my larger than normal breakfast. Also I have just been overly slammed at work from reports, to recaps, to scheduling meetings. In other words, I’m just too distracted to think of food. Anyhow, hope you guys enjoyed this! As you can see I have definitely been changing up what I’m eating from when I initially started the keto diet. If you are interested in keeping up with me, the progress, the diet, etc. go ahead and follow me here, but also follow me on Instagram @ciaociao808. I am also trying to be better in regards to posting updates on YouTube which you can check out at youtube.com/msluvly1234.




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