[Lifestyle] Keto Diet – What I Eat In A Day – What’s In Janellie’s Belly

Hi hi hi!

I know that this post is going up late, but I promise I have a good excuse. This past Tuesday (when I usually work on my What I Eat) was my mommy’s birthday – so of course I had to spend time with my family. I guess you can say, it was a cheat day, however I don’t think I did that horribly. 

BreakfastIMG_7274I have this gift of always making way too much rice. On Sundays I always make bacon and rice for breakfast, and it never fails that I make too much rice. So with the leftover rice I made some fried rice with tofu, my favorite Morning Star Crumbles, and an egg. It sounds very bland, but when it’s seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder – absolutely delicious!


My breakfast actually held me over to lunch and this is where I was in trouble. We were invited to grab some pizza and let me tell you, the slices were as big as a regular plate! I grabbed ONE slice and it was huge (that’s what she said)! I definitely had to dab off the extra grease, but what I loved about the pizza was that it was a thin crust (New York style). So though I felt full after I ate it, it wasn’t overly filling and as per usual, I didn’t take a picture of it.




I definitely saved my appetite for dinner. Like I said, it was my mommy’s birthday (I did this on a Tuesday – yes, I cheated) and I knew we would have amazing food and we did. We had kalbi (marinated Korean short ribs), king crab legs, and pancit (noodles for long life). It was so good!!! I wish I could have eaten more, but I saved room for dessert.

DessertIMG_7294Aint my mommy just the cutest?! Anyhow, she had been talking about wanting to try a cake from a local bakery called Nothing Bundt Cake, so I figured, why not get her what she wanted? I picked up their red velvet bundt cake and it is sooo good! I love all their cakes because they’re so moist (sorry, but I just had to use that word) and the frostings for their cakes aren’t overly sweet. I do have to mention that for the red velvet cake, the cream cheese frosting has more of a prominent cream cheese taste than similar frostings. So good, but I could definitely feel the sugar rush afterwards. IMG_7288

This is my “cheat” day – I don’t think it was that terrible of a day, but hey YOLO right?! Seriously though, this was one bad day of not eating so well, but it’s just one day. The next day I jumped back on the horse and felt great! The important thing is that you don’t continually follow one bad day with another.




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