[Lifestyle] Tip Thursday – Plateaus

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Today’s Tip Thursday revolves around a problem that I have had. Like all my other Tip Thursdays (and my other posts), these should all be taken with a grain of salt. I am simply sharing my experience and what has worked for me on my journey to weight loss as well as a healthier lifestyle. I am not an expert and I am not forcing you to do anything that I say. This is simply me sharing what has worked for me. If you are interested in trying any of these things out, please please please talk to your health care provider first before doing anything. Alright, with that being said, let’s get into the actual post.

On my journey I have hit multiple plateaus. These are areas where progress is just stagnant and I just feel like blah. About a month ago, I hit a plateau. I was eating the same foods, following the same routine, but it felt like there was no progress and when I looked in the mirror, there was no progress to be seen. I went through a period of discouragement and disappointment. I thought that this is it – this was all I was going to get out of the diet. During my moment of sulking I had a brief moment of clarity, I hit a plateau.

These plateaus will come along in your journey and they have shown up numerous times in my journeys and oftentimes it’s at this moment that I jump off the health train and go back into my old eating habits. Through this brief moment of clarity I knew I needed to switch things up. So I began to incorporate a little more beef/meat into my diet and incorporated a little more simple carbs. Not to mention, I have tried to incorporate some kind of workout. I had also made sure to be intentional when it came to drinking my ketones. No more skipping out on them.IMG_6752After a few days, it felt like my body went through a drastic change. I feel lighter and my stomach has gone down a little bit. I am thrilled that I was able to work my way out of the plateau without and not fall back into bad habits/routines. I am also proud of myself for being able to recognize that I was just at a plateau and not completely give up on myself.

These plateaus will come and you may not always recognize it, but it’s important to continually check yourself and your progress and I don’t mean by constantly going on the scale. As you know, I hate the scale because it does lie a lot in regards to progress. Instead really do some self-evaluation. There’s a chance that you hit a plateau yourself and you may need to change up your diet or workout routine a little and then you will find yourself seeing the results again.IMG_7038Plateaus will always come and go on your journey, but the most important thing is that you don’t let it discourage you from continuing. Yes, you can sulk and be upset about it for a little bit, but don’t let it stop you. Don’t let it be an excuse for why a particular diet isn’t working or why a workout program isn’t giving you the results that you want. Use it to motivate you to make changes in your routine. Get outside of your comfort zone, try new foods, change it up and keep going.




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