[Lifestyle] June 2018 Bullet Journal

Hi hi hi!

Can you believe that we are already planning for June?! As much as I loved my cherry blossom inspired layout, I was extremely excited to move on to June’s layout.

I knew that I wanted this theme to be extremely tropical since I will be back home (Hawaii) for a little bit. I will actually be on the Big Island, yes, where there is lava, but I won’t be on that side of the island. However, my grandparent’s house is pretty close to the action! They haven’t been back to their house since the activity started since my grandma has asthma, but please keep the residents in your thoughts/prayers.

Anyhow, like I had mentioned, I will be going back and I wanted to include a tropical theme that embodied the easy-breezy lifestyle. This is the first time that I created the monthly layout on another piece of paper and taped it in, and I’m still on the fence about it, but because I used watercolor, I had no other option. I had a really difficult time drawing out tropical botanical doodles, so I stuck to something easy, which are palm fronds.IMG_7913

Now, I suck at drawing – I mean, my stick people come out deformed. So I went on Google and I looked for tropical leaves/foliage that I would like to incorporate. I found the below pattern, printed it out and cut out the main leaf (circled). I then used that to create the pattern on my “Important Dates” page. I absolutely adore this particular layout because it allows me to see the entire month and plan out when things are in relation to other important dates. original_tropical-leaf-wallpaper

In regards to the weekly layouts, I went with something simple, much like last month. I learned how to free-hand the above leaves (it still looks like trash), so I color them in, and use one of my darker Tombows to write in the date and I use a rich golden orange to write in the days. I love the color scheme – it’s bold, but also brings a sense of calm and brightness. What I’m most excited about for this month’s BuJo is what it will look like when I have my Hawaii dates in it! I even bought special stickers for the trip! IMG_7914

Anyhow, I hope you guys enjoyed this peek into this month’s setup! I am truly in love with this particular theme/layout. I don’t know how I’m going to top this. I want to know what your BuJo theme is for June!





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