[Beauty] Review|Maybelline – The BURGUNDY Bar

Hi hi hi!

It has been a long time since I have been remotely interested in any new makeup that has been brought into the drug store. I was browsing in Walmart, trying to kill some time, and saw this palette from Maybelline sitting on the shelf. Of course, I had to try it! I love a lot of the products that Maybelline comes out with, but I feel like the palettes that they have added to their line has always been hits or misses, mainly misses.img_8319

Much like their other palettes, this is housed in a plastic packaging and does have some weight to it. The outside has almost a matte/velvet texture, similar to the the texture of NARS’ packaging. One thing that really caught my eye was the fact that there is no visible pan. If you look at the below pictures, you will see the difference. In the old palettes, you will see the edges of the silver pan peeking through between the plastic packaging and the eyeshadow. This make me a little hesitant to consider travelling with this palette because I feel like the eyeshadows will be more prone to breaking/cracking. Like all the other palettes, you get 12 eyeshadows and I ended up paying about $10. In my opinion, this is a great deal since similar drugstore palettes can easily range between $15-$20.img_8271

This palette is right up my alley in regards to the type of colors that I like to use on an everyday basis, but one of the first things that immediately caught my eye was that there was really only one blending/transition shade that was matte and two, there is no matte highlighting shade. Personally, I like to have a matte highlighting shade because it creates a smoother transition (in my opinion) and it doesn’t accentuate any weird dry spots that I may have. In regards to their only being one transition/blending shade, I didn’t find it to be a huge issue. In fact, I could easily create looks with just that one shade.img_8272

However, here is my biggest gripe with the palette overall – I need more variety in the shades. After my third day of wearing it, I started to notice that all the looks I was creating looked so similar to each other. Every single day, I switched up the crease color, outer corner color and the lid color, and almost every single day, the looks ended up similar. I didn’t notice a ton of fallout in regards to the actual eyeshadow or any of the shimmers and they all applied extremely well, however, when I started to blend certain colors out, I noticed that it would turn muddy/murky. I found myself having a difficult time using any of the deeper shades as a crease color because any time I went to blend it out (or blend another color into it), it would turn to an almost eggplant color. On the lids, majority of the colors were average – nothing really spectacular about them. They would be vibrant for about 4-6 hours and after that, they started to lose their vibrancy/opacity. Keep in mind, I do use an eyeshadow base every single day.img_8276




Another thing that bothered me about the palette was the darkest shade that they offered, which is a matte chocolate brown. With a lot of the looks that I created, I felt like it was not dark enough to add depth. It blended out easily and is pretty pigmented, but when it’s competing with a lot of the other darker colors in the palette, it falls short.img_8268.jpg

Overall, I thought this was an okay palette. Like I had mentioned above, I definitely would not consider traveling with it since I’m not sure how sturdy the palette and eyeshadows are. I can see myself reaching for this mainly for lid colors – I honestly don’t have a lot of things in my makeup collection that provide these types of rich burgundy shades that are this dark, and I love using them for a one eyeshadow look. I want to know if you tried this palette and what your thoughts are! Or, let me know what your favorite drugstore palettes are so I can try them out for myself.




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