[Beauty] L’Oreal – Paradise Enchanted Palette

Hi hi hi!

I am back with another palette review! I found this little beauty at Walmart and had to get my paws on it. It’s L’Oreal’s new Paradise Enchanted Palette. I’ve been testing it for more than a week and I have not been able to put it down.IMG_8322

Now, let’s get over the basics. It retails for about $11-$13 and it comes with 12 eyeshadows. It’s a typical plastic packaging and has 5 mattes and the rest of the eyeshadows range from pearlescent to glittery. Most of the colors have a peachy-rosey hue to them while the mattes (except 1) have a warm to neutral undertone.IMG_8323

I love how compact this palette is and the range of shades it provides. I can easily see myself bringing only this palette with me if I were travelling because I can create a variety of looks from natural radiance to a glammed up goddess. The mattes are what really ties this palette together for me because there are three amazing transition shades, the matte chocolate brown can be built up to add some drama to a look, and it has a beige-cream colored matte which is perfect for a highlight; if you don’t like a matte highlight under your brows, well guess what, they got you covered because it also comes with a pearlescent lighter cream colored shadow.IMG_8329

All of the shadows that I tested were pigmented and applied amazingly, however, like with most glittery shades, once I started to blend out the shadow, I lost some of that glitter. Other than that I had no issues with any of the shadows. One more thing to mention is that the matte dusty pink/rose color ended up looking just a hair chalky in my transition area if I used it alone, so I added the matte lighter brown to give it a little more warmth.IMG_8324

Here are a few looks I created with the palette and I love how they each look different and ranged from extremely simple to smokey and semi-glam (FYI I never go full glam). The eyeshadows lasted all day (with a primer), however I did notice some fading from the darker shimmery/glittery shades throughout the day. Personally, I was extremely impressed with these eyeshadows and they may even rival some of my favorite MAC eyeshadows. However, if you are working with the shades that have larger chunks of glitter in it, I highly suggest either doing your face makeup last OR placing extra loose powder under your eyes to sweep away the fallout because once you start blending you will lose that shimmer/glitter and the only place for it to land is your face.

This palette is a winner in my book because it has the pigmentation, longevity, and quality I look for in a palette and it’s also compact enough to travel with. Also, if you are wondering about the scent, it’s barely noticeable which I really don’t mind. I’m always weary of palettes that are heavily scented because my eyes can be extremely sensitive to fragrances – they water/sting if I put something too fragrant near them. The only way you really smell it is if you place the palette close to your nose and take a nice deep breathe in.

I want to know if you tried this palette and what your thoughts on it are! I have to say, at first, I was a little shocked by the price, but considering how much I like it and what you get, I definitely think it’s a fair price.




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