[Lifestyle] Pinterest Test – Keto Jucy Lucy

Hi hi hi!

I hope you guys are hungry because I am sharing a new favorite recipe – a Keto Jucy Lucy! I’m not sure if you have heard of a “Jucy Lucy” before, get your minds out of the gutter guys, but it’s a essentially a burger patty filled with cheese. I have always wanted to try one, but I just couldn’t seem to find a place that had it.

Last week I shared a recipe that I found through Pinterest, and this particular recipe is from the same post. As usual, I ended MacGyvering it to fit what I had on hand. This was one of the easiest things that I made, but it took me the longest to cook because of the burger patties. For the recipe, click here!

I ended up having more ground beef than usual and I used a leaner ground beef, as suggested in the recipe. I went for a 90/10 blend (90% lean and 10% fat) which I think is the best. Any leaner and you may end up with extremely dry burgers. To prepare the burgers, you add in some steak seasoning, some crushed up beef bouillon cube to the meat, mix it up and let it set. What I ended up doing was mixing it in the morning, covering it, and placed it in the refrigerator while I was at work – so it had about 8-9 hours for the flavors to really come together. I used McCormick’s Montreal Steak Seasoning – it’s one of my favorite things to season steak with besides salt and butter. I found that the beef bouillon cube adds a richer flavor and some much needed salt to the recipe.img_8394

If you are planning to make this, I highly suggest prepping your cheese so that it’s easy for you to fill the patties. I broke my provolone cheese slices into small pieces and placed them on a napkin to prevent any cross contamination. Remember, you’re working with raw meat, so you need to be mindful in regards to what you touch and how you set up your work area. I would also consider taking your meat mixture out of the refrigerator about 15-20 minutes before you plan to start cooking – I found that it’s easier to form the patties when the meat isn’t extremely cold.img_8395

In regards to forming the patties, I highly suggest making the first patty as thin as possible, adding your slices of cheese (the more the merrier) and the adding a little more of the meat mixture on top, then folding any excess meat from the bottom patty up so that it meets with the top patty. Once you’ve sealed it, start flattening it out again. I made the mistake of making the first two patties way too thick, so it took longer to cook, which inevitably lead to the patties being extremely dry.

My boyfriend isn’t keto, and I forgot to pick up hamburger buns for him, but here’s how I would dress it up if I had the energy/effort to do so. I would make a sundried tomato pesto mayo (simply mix sundried tomato pesto with mayo), place some of the on the bottom bun, add a couple of leaves of butter lettuce (or whatever lettuce you want), tomatoes, thin slices of onion, burger patty, more pesto mayo and voila – a delicious burger. However, that night we just ate the patties on their own and to be honest, I enjoyed it.img_8397

The steak seasoning and bouillon cube added a richness in flavor that the meet would’ve lacked without them and cooking it in butter added this richness to it, it almost made it feel decadent. Plus, in the words of my boyfriend, “Stuff anything with cheese and you basically have an automatic winner.” I would love to try this cooking the patties on a girl while basting it with garlic butter (sounds heavenly), but I will have to wait for my next family cookout to try. This recipe is so simple and it’s one that I will keep in my back pocket. Plus, even if you’re not on the keto diet, it’s a great recipe to try out! I know my family would love this and I would love to serve it at a party, especially slider style! However, I’m not sure what the vegan/vegetarian version of this would be. If you have any suggestions, let me know! I would love to try it out.




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