[Beauty] Makeup Revolution – Revolution Re-Loaded Palette |Iconic Vitality

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Welcome back to another makeup review! It’s been fun to switch up my morning routine a bit. Today we will be looking at Makeup Revolution’s Revolution Re-Loaded Palette in Vitality. I had seen one of my favorite YouTubers, Emily Noel, speak highly about some of Makeup Revolution’s products and I decided to bite the bullet and see just what this brand has to offer.


First off, I need to tell you about the price-point for this palette. This is only $7! Yes, you read that right, $7! By far one of the more affordable palettes at the drugstore level and the quality is just impeccable. Seriously, I just spent $24 on an eye shadow palette from MAC, where the eyeshadow pans were about as big as a penny and the blendability wasn’t the greatest. Speaking of the size, this palette is on the larger side, you can see compared to a MAC palette, it’s relatively large, but the best part is that the eyeshadow pans are large too. Unfortunately I don’t have a palette that contains rectangular eyeshadows, but you can see in the pictures below how it compares to a regular MAC eyeshadow and the Wet n Wild (reformatted) palette.img_9174


To be honest, I was a little weary at first because of the pricepoint. It’s not often that I find a great palette for under $10 at the drugstore. Keep in mind, I opted to not swatch it either since swatches can be deceiving. I was surprised with how easily the colors blended out, especially the mattes. You have a total of 15 eyeshadows, with a majority of the shades having a matte finish and four shades with a shimmery to pearlescent finish. There is one shade in the palette that does have some glitter/shimmer in it, however, it doesn’t appear when you apply it (event if you pack it on).img_8467

Overall, this would be a great investment if you are just beginning in makeup or are looking for more affordable alternative that doesn’t sacrifice the quality of the eye shadows. Now, I know some of you may be looking at the palette and are saying that you’ve seen this color story before (warm burgundys/golds) however, what makes this particular palette more versatile, in my opinion, is the transition/crease shades that are included in this palette. You can easily switch from a warm burgundy look to a warm gold-tone eye without having to pull out another palette. I feel like with the other palettes that are out on the market nowadays, you are stuck with that one color story and it can be difficult to transition a look away from it. For example, in my recent review of The Burgundy Bar from Maybelline, I felt like I was stuck with only being able to create one look no matter which shades I picked, it was almost always the same. With this palette the crease shades and transition shades have a warm and neutral undertone which provides the perfect base needed to create a variety of looks.img_8468

Also, my favorite part of this palette is that it comes with a creamy white and light beige, granted, they’re not completely matte, they are still really great shadows to highlight underneath the browbone to simply blend out the edges of the eyeshadows.

I want to know what you have tried from Makeup Revolution and what has been your favorite product so far. I have a few more reviews coming, so be sure you follow the blog so you are up to date. You can also follow me on Instagram @ciaociao808.




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