[Beauty] Makeup Revolution x Emily Edit | The Wants Palette

Hi hi hi!

It’s taken me awhile to get this review up and honestly, it’s because there was just so much to try! I’m talking about Makeup Revolution’s newest collab palette, with one of my favorite YouTubers, The Emily Edit – The Wants Palette. When she announced this, I was so excited because I knew she would know how to construct and put together a great usable palette for any type of makeup user.

If you don’t know who I’m talking about, please take a minute (or a few) to check out her channel (click here). I love her reviews because they are always so honest and she is really conscious of what her viewers are looking for in terms of makeup products that are worth the price. Plus, I love watching her vlogs. Anyhow, this is the larger of her two palettes that she worked on, the other palette is called The Needs and it essentially carries everything you would need for a full face minus the foundation and concealer.img_9152 Looking at the palette you get 24 eyeshadows and they are a little smaller than a traditional MAC eyeshadow. You have a variety of finishes, with mostly a mixture of mattes and shimmers. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Mattes: The Cream, Hobby, Prayer, Midwest, Dues Paid, Pi Phi, Love Tons, Family, Apartment, Laughcry, Cheer, Corduroy, Dark & Early
  • Shimmers: Grateful, Good Vibes, Side Hustle, Eve Rose, Belle Violet, Capricorn, Pizzazz, Heartbeat
  • Pearlescent: Cupcake, Oh Heavens
  • Glittery/Metallic: Top Storyimg_9160.jpg

Whew, I hope that’s all of them. One thing to note is that though I have classified Top Story as a glittery/metallic finish, it almost an in-between of those two finishes. It doesn’t have large chunks of glitter nor does it have that full-on metallic shine like other metallic eyeshadows have.

I found that the mattes were extremely easy to work with and I liked the fact that there were a lot of mattes to play around with. You can definitely create a wide variety of looks just with the mattes. The one thing that I do have to mention is that I feel like there is some overlap with some of the colors, most notably with Love Tons and Cheer. I know that when you apply them as an actual shadow across the lids, more of the differences between those two specific colors will come through, but since I just use them in my outer “V” I felt like there really was no distinction between them. As much as I wanted to bash the amount of “transition shades” there are in the palette, I found myself needing them all for different looks. Sometimes I didn’t want an extremely warm transition shade so I’d dip my fluffy crease brush into Hobby and a denser crease brush into Prayer to really buff into my crease. When I wanted a warmer look, I’d take Midwest on my large fluffy crease brush and Dues Paid onto my denser crease brush.img_9153.jpg The shimmers are a great compliment to the mattes and there was a great variety offered. You have neutral tones, but also colors that you wouldn’t necessarily think of pulling into a look. There are two colors I had a lot of issues with and it was Eve Rose and Pizzazz; although, a part of me feels like my skintone is just a tad too tan to really get Eve Rose to appear. It looks extremely sheer on me and doesn’t really provide much color or shimmer.

Though Pizzazz does give me some troubles, I can work with it to get it to show up. It just takes a little more effort than I would like to do in the mornings. However, I found the best way to apply this, for me, was using my ring finger and swiping it onto my lids rather than using a flat brush. I feel like my ring finger was able to apply a little more pressure than a brush which helped to deposit the color a lot better.img_9164 Overall, I really do like this palette. I feel like it has everything I could ever need and if I needed to rebuild my collection, this would be a great place to start. Due to its size, this palette is not travel friendly, but if you’re willing to house it between some of your clothes (preferably placed in a zipbloc bag and then placed between your clothes), its slim profile won’t take up a lot of space. This would be a great present to give someone or a functional palette to pick up for yourself.

Have you tried the Emily Edit collection? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!




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