[Lifestyle/Beauty] imPRESS Nails Review

Hi hi hi!

I recently received the #StaycationVoxBox from Influenster and I wanted to share/talk about one of the products that I received. Yes, I did receive this complimentary, but these thoughts and opinions are my own and let me tell you, I think I scored the jackpot on this one.img_9179

Today’s review is featuring KISS imPRESS Nails. These are press on nails and I have to admit, I was rolling my eyes when I saw that it would be included in this box. I just never had the best luck in regards to press on/fake nails. Either I would never be able to find a nail that would work with my nail beds or they just never lasted more than two hours.

Once I finally got the product in my hand, I just had this very cynical outlook on the whole experience and I thought there is no way in hell would any of these nails fit my nail bed. I even told my fiance that I’m probably going to have to give this a bad review since it didn’t look like any of the nails would fit, but boy was I wrong.img_9180 I spent some time going through each and every size that was included in this kit and matched it with my nails (I already had them trimmed). If you’re trying to decide between two different sizes, I say go with the smaller one, that way it can blend in a little more seamlessly and feel comfortable as your nails grow out. The instructions are easy to follow and I highly suggest you take the time to push down your cuticles and really clean your nail beds. This allows the glue have direct contact with your nail and makes the chances of it staying on longer a lot higher.img_9184 As I’m working on this review, this set has been on for six days. I had to take the nails off of my middle, ring and thumb on my right hand because our bowling league started and I didn’t want to risk badly breaking my nails. The removal process was relatively easy and took about 5 minutes for all three fingers. I would highly suggest having a q-tip soaked in nail polish remover nearby so you can ease some of the nail polish remover between the adhesive and your nail. My nails look and feel the same and I didn’t notice any damage on my actual nail bed. img_9187After six days of wear, the nails look great, but I can see some areas where the adhesive may have started to “lift,” causing these areas to look like they have a little bubble underneath. I also think that my nails have grown out just a teeny bit, so now whenever I run my hands through my hair, strands of my hair are getting caught in between the nail and my real nail.img_9246Overall, I’m extremely imPRESSed with this! I was the biggest skeptic, but I actually really like them. So much so, I went out and bought another set for an upcoming work event! This is something that I know I will definitely reach for time and time again because it’s convenient. I don’t always have the time to paint my nails, and when I do, it looks good for a couple of days and by day 3 it looks chipped and worn out. I would highly recommend this for anyone out there who doesn’t like the fuss of dealing with their nails, but may want to add a little something for an event. I can see myself picking up a few styles just to keep for any work events.img_9278




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