[Beauty] ColourPop x Disney Designer Collection|Review

Hi hi hi!

In preparation for my upcoming Disneyland trip, I wanted to share my thoughts on ColourPop’s newest collection with Disney Designer. If you didn’t see all the buzz around this, then I don’t know how you missed it! This collection was inspired by the Disney Designer collection that features the classic Princesses, all glammed up.

Majority of the collection is sold out, so I’m just going to review the items that are still left in stock.

It’s a Princess Thing – Pressed Eyeshadow Palette | $20.00IMG_0082

This palette contains a total of 15 eyeshadows all inspired by different elements from Disney. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Mattes: Chip, Juju, Grumpy, Abu
  • Pearlescent: Triton, Ray, Fairy Godmother, Enchanted Rose, Poison Apple, Magic Carpet
  • Metallic: Prince Charming, One Kiss?, Thingamabob
  • Mattes w/ Glitter: Beast, Midnight Curfew

The packaging is a sturdy cardboard and the eyeshadow pans are smaller than a typical MAC single eyeshadow. I’ve been playing around with this palette for about two weeks (by the time you’re reading this) and I hate admit, but this isn’t one of my favorite go-tos. For me, it feels like there’s something missing in this palette and I can’t really place my finger on it. I think that there may be too many warm tones and not enough cool? There’s just something missing from this palette to make it feel whole.

I do like the formulation of majority of the eyeshadows, the only one I have a huge problem with is Fairy Godmother. The pigmentation is lacking and I’m left with random patches of gold glitter all over my lids. The other colors are pigmented and perform like typical eyeshadows.

Super Shock Eyeshadow – Almost There | $5.00IMG_0086

I have to admit, I was pretty disappointed with this Super Shock eyeshadow. If you’re unfamiliar with this particular formula from ColourPop, it’s essentially a creme to powder formula (but has a bouncy texture) that delivers bold color and shimmer. I got a whole lotta nothing on top of a whole lotta nothing out of this. I have a few of ColourPop’s Super Shock eyeshadows and I was always impressed with the amount of color I can build up without having to do a lot of work. I also love the amount of sparkle I could get! I don’t know what happened, but there’s something wrong with this particular color. I applied it the same way I apply all my Super Shock eyeshadows, with my ring finger, and I got patches of glitter and a sheer wash of color.

I’m extremely disappointed, because this particular eyeshadow is perfect for a one-eyeshadow look and can be used with the eyeshadow palette, but seriously, this is a joke. I wish more time was focused on the quality on these rather than the packaging. I have Super Shock eyeshadows from a couple years ago that perform better than this and they’re almost dried up!

I really wish I was able to pick up the highlighters that were part of this collection, but I was not fast enough to pick those up. ColourPop highlighters have treated me extremely well in the past and I love to layer them underneath my foundation. I also picked up their Creme Lux Lipstick in Ariel and I love it! However, it’s sold out so I’m not going to mention much about it.

Were you able to pick up any items from the launch? I want to know what you picked up! If you weren’t able to pick anything up, I want to know what your favorite ride/attraction is at Disneyland and Disneyworld!



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