[Lifestyle] Holiday Gift Guide 2018

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I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it) and if you worked, I hope that you had the chance to spend some time with those you love and care about. Today, I wanted to share a few things that I have picked up this year that I think would make great gifts this holiday season. Before we jump in, keep in mind that these are just things that I have been enjoying since I bought them, some of them may be newer than others, but I only share what I love. 

HP Sprocket – $119.95 (Regular Price)

I purchased my Sprocket about 4 months ago. I was looking for a portable printer that was easy to use, had bluetooth connectivity, and had quality prints. I’m extremely satisfied with how this printer has performed and I love the ability to easily print pictures off my phone. It’s much easier to use than an Instax and it’s not an extremely complicated setup. In regards to the Zinc paper, I actually go into my local Best Buy to purchase them instead of ordering it online. I buy a 20 pack for $4.99 (on sale), I rarely see it on sale online. Something to keep in mind is that the pictures do print out with a yellow-ish tint to it. You can use the theory of the color wheel to cancel out that yellow tint, but personally, I like the way the pictures print out because it matches the overall look of my bullet journal, where I use my pictures. 

Hydro Flask 32oz – $39.95

I will admit that I am a Hydro Flask lover. They are great keeping your drinks cool or warm for long periods of time. I picked up the 32oz Hydro when I was at the Big Island this past summer. Prior to having this particular Hydro, I had the 24oz and the 40oz. I found that the 24oz held to little water for me when I’m out and about for long periods of time, and the 40oz is great when I’m at work, but it’s too heavy to lug around with me on the weekends. The 32oz is a happy medium and is a great size for an average water drinker. It is heavy to lug around for hours, but it carries a good amount of water to keep you hydrated throughout the day. You may be looking at the price and think that that’s a ridiculous amount to pay for just a water bottle, but trust me on this. It keeps your water cold for hours! You can also put warm drinks in it and it’ll keep your drinks warm. Living in the desert, the Summer heat can be brutal and it’s important to stay hydrated. This is seriously a life saver during the Summer. It’s also great for those who live a very active lifestyle. The Hydro Flask comes in larger sizes and there are different types of lids that you can purchase with the hydro. 

Serena Valentino’s Disney Villains Books 1-3 – $44.99 (Regular Price)

Disney is loved by many and there are a lot of great Disney related gifts that you can give, but this, in my opinion, is a great gift for the Disney geek. There are a total of 5 books in this collection, I have seen that there is supposed to be one more book coming out, but I haven’t seen any news on that. The collection of books focuses on the backstory of Disney’s most beloved villains – The Evil Queen, The Beast, Ursula, Maleficent, and Mother Gothel. Not only does it focus on the backstory, it also details what happens when they intercept with the Princesses. Each book is an easy read with about 200 pages (very few paragraph on each page) and honestly, they won’t be able to put the book(s) down. Not to mention the art is amazing on the sleeve of the book and the cover. 

Henri Bendel Jetsetter Convertible Nylon Backpack – $278.00

Note: This particular pattern is no longer available, but there are other timeless options.

This has been one of the more useful purchases that I made this year. Henri Bendel’s Jetsetter Convertible Backpack is 4 different bags in one. It can be used as a backpack, regular arm purse, shoulder bag, or a crossbody. It’s stylish and makes the perfect weekend backpack. You can also fit a lot of things in it like notebooks, iPads, etc. During the weekends, you can always find me carrying this backpack and it’s great when we go out shopping because I can toss a lot of my purchases in it. This is a versatile backpack that can be used in a variety of ways. 

Apple iPad and Pencil – $329 (32GB)/$99

I must admit that I was extremely hesitant to purchase an iPad. Not only is it a lot of money, but even the pencil is pricey. This is a gift perfect for that budding creator/animator that may want to take it to the next step. They can download the app Procreate and begin creating works of art! I highly suggest this over the bigger iPad Pros because the price is more wallet friendly and it does basically everything that the iPad Pro does but at a more affordable price. I have been using my iPad and Pencil non-stop and it was definitely worth the investment. Personally, I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything in regards to performance issues. 

These products that I shared are products that I am thoroughly enjoying and have recommended to my family and friends. I know that some of the items I placed on here are a little pricey, but keep in mind that they are quality products. I hope this helps you, or at least provides you with some idea of what to get those you love. 



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