[Lifestyle] Breaking Free

Hi hi hi!

I feel like it’s been so long since I came on here and just spilled everything. I used to find my blog as an escape from reality and a chance to create the reality that I wanted (in a way). With work and everything that I’m taking on, I drifted away from that a little bit. I want to dig deeper into these roots and go back to my original blogging ways.

The past few months have been tough on me – not just because of personal reasons, but it just felt like I was just taking hit, after hit, after hit. I went through a pretty bad depressive state and I began to self destruct in a way. My mind felt frazzled and I couldn’t think clearly. It just felt like nobody cared about the things I would do for them or the fact that I was there to help.

A few weeks ago, I had the switch turn on and it was almost instantly. My mentality changed, and I’m not sure exactly how to describe it, but it’s like I’m hungrier than ever to gain that success that I so desperately crave. I feel like the fire has been re-ignited and I am embracing it. For so long, I had followed the way other people were doing things and hoping to find the same success, but I’m so sick and tired of trying to fit into the mold of an influencer.

I used to question whether I could be successful or not, because I don’t look like these successful influencers. I don’t have the numbers, I don’t have the boobs, I don’t have the makeup, fake lashes, lip plumpers, etc. I am a plain Jane and I’m proud of that. I am the girl next door who wants to have a successful business and I want to create something that’s bigger than me. I have learned so much about myself from the past couple of weeks than the past 26 years! This new year is going to be all about me. I need to learn how to be a little selfish, even if it means taking a leap of faith. I need to learn that I need to fight for my dreams and I am the only one who is going to fight for them. I need to learn my worth and understand that skills that I have to offer. I am more than the demeaning things that I have to do. I need to learn when enough is enough.

Personally, I feel like i am notorious for making these bold statements and claims, but I need to remember this place – to remember why I fell in love with social media (and blogging) in the first place. I strayed away from that hoping to find success and I haven’t. So it’s time to change things a little bit. My content will not necessarily change, but the way I present it will. I’m optimistic about this change, and it’s going to take place on all my social media platforms as well. It’s time for a breath of fresh air, and I’m ready for it.


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