[Beauty] 2018 Favorites

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I can’t believe that I am working on this post. It feels like 2018 has just started, but at the same time, it feels like it dragged on forever! I wanted to take some time to share my favorite beauty products of 2018. These are the products that I have just been going back to over and over again. I will not be including my everyday favorites like my e.l.f. Eyebrow pencil, my Maybelline Fit ME Matte and Poreless foundation, my e.l.f. Setting powder, etc. I’ve talked about them enough. The products I’m showcasing are products that I genuinely have been gravitating towards this year.

 Revolution Makeup x The Emily Edit – The Wantsimg_9160I was debating whether or not I should include this particular palette, mainly because it is a little difficult to get a hold of as of right now, but this palette just offers so many options and it’s a great palette to transition with someone in regards to their skill level. There are a lot of neutrals that a beginner can play around with  and when they feel comfortable, they can transition into adding pops of color. I find the colors easy to use and I am always finding new and different combinations that I love. It’s a palette that makes me excited to get ready in the morning and it honestly re-sparked my love for makeup.

Dior Backstage FoundationIMG_20190107_211455-1Iknow, Dior, but I really do love this foundation. It provides me with a medium coverage and is the only foundation that matches my skintone perfectly. I use this during the weekdays when I go to work and the weartime is amazing on its own. This foundation, though pricey has been something that I truly enjoy using. I have been using it consistently for about 4-5 months and at first I was worried that it would break me out because my skin doesn’t do well with fragrance products, but this foundation didn’t cause any issues! I have been thoroughly impressed with this foundation and though it is pricey, it is amazing!

L’Oreal Lash Paradise (Waterproof)IMG_20190107_211519-1

Now, I’m going to look like a fool because for YEARS I have been singing the praises of Maybelline mascaras, but this mascara has opened my eyes. I have avoided using any other brand of Mascara because I just never thought it would be worth the price, but I am willing to splurge a little with this mascara. I do use the waterproof version because my eyes are extremely watery due to dry eyes. I know a lot of people don’t like it because it is extremely dry compared to the non-waterproof version, but I personally like it that way. I have found that as it gets drier, my lashes actually look better! I pay $7 per tube and it for that price, it really can’t be beat.

Palty Hair Dye

Image is from prettyandcute.com

For the longest time I have struggled with hair dye – I never achieved the results I wanted. Most of the time my hair would just look red. My Asian hair is extremely difficult to color and it doesn’t take to color easily. I had been told multiple times by different hairdressers that it’s just the nature of Asian hair, and it’s best to use Asian hair dyes. I didn’t believe it and I had been using Garnier for the longest time. I noticed that the color wasn’t very intense nor did it last long. After about three weeks, the color would fade. Finally Palty was easily accessible for me and I am completely blown away. I had such an intense color and it lasted for about a month and a half! I went with a lighter color initially and it actually made a difference! I was so blown away by the results and surprisingly, when rinsing out the color, you have to rinse it out with shampoo – crazy right?! I am loving this and I’m just so excited that I found something that works.

Squalane Rose Facial Oil

Image from hsn.com

The Squalane line has been an essential for me for a while, because it is lightweight and it doesn’t have any fragrance. It’s gentle, but so moisturizing! I had been using the original Squalane oil at night and it helps with the dryness of winter and desert life, but I noticed that my skin was looking extremely dry and tight under my makeup. I opted to not use the original Squalane under my makeup because in my opinion, it’s extremely heavy duty, so I felt like this particular blend would do well under makeup and throughout the day. When I originally tried it, I thought I would end up getting extremely oily during the day and I thought my foundation would melt off because of all the oil, but I was pleasantly surprised with how well my foundation held up and how moisturized my face felt. This particular blend is extremely lightweight and does such a great job of keeping the driest parts of my face moisturized without affecting the way my foundation applies.

I want to know what your favorite beauty products of 2018 were! I love checking out new products and testing them out (as you know). I hope you guys enjoyed this post and until my next one…




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