[Lifestyle] January 2019 Favorites

Hi hi hi!

January has come to an end, and I hope that you guys had a great start to the year. I have been busy working on new releases for the shop and trying to bump up the quality of some of my prints. I wanted to take a little time to share with you some of my favorites for the month, most of it is lifestyle products. I do have one rediscovered favorite in the beauty category, but we’ll get to that.

Hamilton Soundtrackimg_20190207_043435.jpg

I have been obsessing over the Hamilton soundtrack – four songs in particular: Burn, Non-Stop, The Schuyler Sisters, Dear Theodosia. Honorable mention goes to Yorktown. When I initially saw the play last year, I loved it. It was so fast-paced, witty, clever and it just captivated me. I listened to the soundtrack for a few weeks after seeing the play, but then it got lost in the shuffle. For whatever reason, I began to listen to it again, and I have been listening to it non-stop (pun kind of intended).

Zebra Mildlinersimg_20190207_043603

I received a pack for Zebra Mildliners for Christmas from my fiance’s parents, and I love them. I have been using them to add color accents here and there and also in my “Year in Pixels” spread. The colors are absolutely stunning and I love how they aren’t loud like regular highlighters. They are my favorite things to reach for when I just want to add a touch of color.

MAMBI – The Happy Planner Sticker Booksimg_20190207_043645

There was a time I swore to myself that I would never invest my money into these books – they are not the most affordable things out there, even with discounts you’re looking to spend about $13-$15. However, I decided to see what they have to offer and there was one in particular that caught my eye; this was back in 2018, fast forward to today and I have 4 different sticker books and I love all of them. There is one in particular that has captivated my heart and it’s the Choose Happy book. What I enjoy about all the books is the variety of stickers that they offer, however, each sheet is different so you are limited to 1 sticker of each design, unless it’s like a functional, or checklist sticker.

GUESS Leather Jacket

Image belongs to macys.com

I rarely share any fashion items, mainly because I am not a fashionable person. Outside of work, my standard dress code is leggings and a shirt (or sweater when it’s cold), but I got this leather jacket for Christmas and I love it so much! It’s extremely comfortable and actually fits me around my chest. I have broad shoulders and I’m heavier set on top so finding a fashionable zip-up is difficult. What made me fall in love with the jacket was the quality, but also the sides have a stretchy material, so it’s not leather all the way around. It make it easy for me to move around without feeling restricted. FYI I wasn’t able to find it online (it was purchased at a GUESS Outlet store) so I found the closes thing I could in regards to the style of jacket. The main difference from my jacket and the one in the picture is that mine is brown and it was that stretch paneling on the side.

Home Chef Meals

When I signed up for this I was extremely hesitant. I thought it was a lot of money that would be wasted, but I must admit I have been enjoying not having to meal plan. At first when I signed up, I was extremely hesitant about the pricing. It seemed like a lot to pay for so little, but when I really broke it down, it was worth it for me and my fiance. Though some of the meals are not fully keto, it’s nice to be able to not have to plan out dinner or go grocery shopping for items. I struggled with thinking of meals for me and my fiance that weren’t the typical chicken or steak, but this takes all the tough work out of meal planning and we have had a lot of great meals!

MAC – Nordstrom 15 Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

This is my rediscovered favorite. I had lost it in my collection and rediscovered it after cleaning it out, and oh how I missed it. You really can’t beat the quality and the array of colors that you get. Unfortunately they do not make this exact palette I have (I believe it was a Nordstrom exclusive – my aunty gifted it to me when I graduated college), but you can find similar palettes like this. My go-to favorites are: Mulch, Saddle, Wedge, Satin Taupe and Beauty Marked.

Welp, that’s all I have for favorites. I want to know what some of your favorites were for the month January! I most likely won’t be sharing favorites on a monthly basis, but when I feel like I have a substantial amount, I’ll go ahead and share.




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