[Lifestyle] The Jump… Well, The Push | 2.19.2019

Hi hi hi!

I’m back – I know, it’s only been like a day since I last posted, but I wanted to share an update!

After talking with my fiance and with his encouragement, I signed up to bowl the PBA (non-champion) Regional. As excited and anxious as I am about it, I am unbelievably scared. I literally am having flashbacks to when I was in high school and bowled my first big tournament. As afraid as I am, I feel like this is a jump in the right direction. I am beyond blessed to have someone in my life, my fiance, who pushes me to take risks.

This will be an experience that I want to embrace. I am anxiously awaiting for Friday to come. I don’t have a lot of time to prep, but sometimes that’s a good thing right? Anyhow, I just wanted to pop on here to let you guys know that I took the plunge… well I didn’t really take the plunge, my fiance pushed me a little (a lot). I also wrote myself a little note, which I think I will continue to keep with me this week: “God does not and will not work in the comfortable.” Meaning that in order to see/receive God’s blessings, you must step into the uncomfortable because that is where he moves the mountains.



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