[Beauty]Botanics | All Bright Cleansing Foam Wash

Hi hi hi!

I am back with an actual product review. Shocking, I know but I did want to start sharing some of the products that I have been using. It’s been a while since I’ve actually really shared some beauty products and reviewed them, so it’s time that I finally share them. The first is a skincare item – I know, it’s not really a skincare item, but oh well.

I was sent this item from Influenster to review and try (complimentary). It was a really exciting skincare item because I had been wanting to try out natural skincare items, but I didn’t want to invest in them just in case it irritated my face.inf_1551401003401

This is supposed to naturally and gently lift away dirt, excess oil, and impurities. I was hoping that this would be a natural option to replace my current foaming cleanser. It had a great lather and the foaming action was comparable to my current facial cleaner from Formula 10.0.6. It didn’t leave my face with the dried out and tight feeling, it actually felt a little moisturized! img_20190312_063538

As great as it was, I couldn’t use it after the first time, not because it was a terrible product, but because the scent of it was extremely off-putting for me. It’s tough for me to really describe the scent, because I don’t know exactly what it is. By no means is it a floral scent or a food type of scent, it is almost like an overly sanitized scent. It’s something I remember smelling in a lot of soaps at the hospital and sometimes I smell it in the hand soaps in public fast food places. img_20190312_063626

Overall, as much as I enjoyed my experience using it, I just couldn’t get over the scent. It lingered long after I washed my face and it even lingered on my hands. I really wish that they would have worked on the scent a little more because I was expecting something more on the floral spectrum. If the scent was different and something more pleasant, I would definitely use it.

Hope you guys enjoyed the mini review! Let me know if you tried this product out and let me know what you think!



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