[Lifestyle] Back To Life | 2.22.2019

Hi hi hi!

Well, I’m still dealing with a headache, but I wanted to take some time and reflect upon this past weekend. It was one heck of a rollercoaster and to be completely frank, I enjoyed every minute of it. Except the nagging headache that has been plaguing me.

This past weekend was busy. During the three days (Friday through Sunday), I bowled a total of 19 games. That’s the most I have done in quite some time. It all started with the PBA (non-champion) Regional on Friday. We bowled a total of 7 games. Besides my trusty spare ball, I used my Ebonite Magic, Hammer Emerald Vibe, and Brunswick Inferno Blue Flame. I went -5 for 7 games. I started out the day great using the Magic, switching to my Emerald vibe around game 3 and then switching to my Inferno Blue Flame during the ending of game 5. I had a couple of hiccups in the middle, but was able to claw my way back. I definitely need to work on making the bad games not so bad. During the whole tournament I missed one single pin spare and one multi-pin spare. For my first regional, I am pleased with how I did and I really can’t complain. I’m glad that my fiance pushed me to take the risk and bowlscreenshot_20190222-1620302

Physically, I was feeling pretty good and I felt like I was throwing the ball well. There were maybe about 2-4 shots that completely missed the pocket, but other than that, it was a pretty good set. 

At Friday night league, I brought my usual: Spare ball, Emerald Vibe, and Ebonite Magic. Physically, my legs and arms felt sore, but after a few warm-up shots, I felt pretty good. I ended up going +44 for the night (3 games) and won women’s handicap side pot for game 1. I missed one single pin spare the entire evening. Towards the ending of game 2 and going into game 3, the lane transition was difficult to read. I switched to the Emerald Vibe during that transition to give myself a smoother angle to the pocket, but still had some issues with carry.

Saturday was a “rest” day. We visited our favorite pro-shop JB Bowling Supply. The Fiance had put a used Hammer Web Tour on hold, and he decided not to get it. So I did. It has less than 3 games on it and was in great condition. I got it drilled pin down to give me a smoother reaction down lane. Thanks to the Regional, I noticed that I had a hole in my bag in regards to something that needed to go in between my Magic and my Store IQ Pearl, but it also had to be a pretty strong ball. After watching videos of the Web Tour, I felt like it would be a great addition to the bag. We had four games of practice and I used the Web tour for most of it. I wanted to get comfortable throwing it and understanding exactly what it did. The lanes were not ideal in regards to really seeing/understanding what the ball did, but I made it work. The Web Tour seems to be able to cut through the front part of the lanes, while storing enough energy to make it back to the pocket. On a longer shot, I will be able to play a straighter line and the ball will have enough energy to make it through the pocket instead of deflecting off. On a shorter shot, I can see myself moving more towards the inside part of the lane and taking advantage of the dry by playing more of an angle. I’m excited to see what I can do with the Web Tour in tournaments.

Sunday was a five game tournament played on the 2016 QAMF World Cup V2. I had to play a lot tighter than I had originally anticipated. I started the day out throwing my Hammer Web Tour, but it wasn’t giving me a lot of area, so I switched to my Ebonite Magic halfway through game 1. I used the Ebonite magic up to game three, and started game 4 throwing my Store IQ Pearl. However, I wasn’t getting a good read either, so after about four frames, I switched back to my Ebonite Magic. I ended up -21 for the day, missing two single pin spares and one multi-pin spare. Again, I really need to learn how to make a bad game not so bad, whether it be lining up the strikes or leaving myself makeable spares. I’m not too pleased with how I did during this tournament, especially because the scoring pace was relatively high.img_20190314_081301


Overall, I am pleased with how the weekend went. Although, I hoped Sunday’s tournament would’ve gone a lot better, I’m still glad that my average was around 190+. Physically, I felt pretty good. Though I did/still do hurt from the weekend, it’s nothing that stretching can’t fix. I’m surprised that I was able to feel this good the entire weekend, and I didn’t feel like my physical game suffered at all. Mentally, I’m a little drained. The lane conditions on Sunday threw me for a loop and I feel like I made some poor decisions that I wouldn’t normally make. I also feel like I made mistakes that I normally wouldn’t make as well.

This weekend was a great weekend of bowling. I really enjoyed my time on the lanes and to be honest, I found myself continually wondering if this was something I wanted to do as a “career.” As much as I love bowling, I don’t want it to ever feel like a job, but there were moments this weekend where I just felt so sick of bowling. I just wanted to run away from it and not have to think about it. Then there were moments where I fell in love with it all over again. I don’t know if I could ever picture myself committing to this full-time.




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