[Lifestyle] YouTube Rant-ish

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As a (small) content creator, it has been a struggle to break through the heavily saturated field. I know that there have been others who have worked harder and longer (that’s what she said) than I have and have yet to have any type of break through. The truth is, it’s tough. Continue reading “[Lifestyle] YouTube Rant-ish”


Christmas 2017 – #GirlBoss Gift Guide

Christmas 2017 - #GirlBoss

Continue reading “Christmas 2017 – #GirlBoss Gift Guide”

Buying Followers

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First off, I apologize if you follow both of my blogs and see this. However, this is something that I had been wanting to talk about for a couple of months now. With the job that I currently have, I get to see the behind the scenes (kind of) on how companies pick bloggers/social media personalities to sponsor and host. Here’s what I have learned. Continue reading “Buying Followers”

[CAREER] Blogging | Biggest Step Yet

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So a couple of days ago I did something… Something really big, well for me it’s big. If you look very closely at the url you might notice something. It’s very small, but it means something so much more than you can imagine.  Continue reading “[CAREER] Blogging | Biggest Step Yet”