[Lifestyle] May 2018 Bullet Journal Flip Through

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I know I’m extremely late with posting this, but I wanted to share my May layout in my BuJo. May was definitely a tough month for me and I’m so glad that I had my BuJo there to provide me with an outlet for everything that I was going through. Work was overwhelming and extremely stressful, my uncle had passed away and we were dealing with planning his funeral, we had three high school graduates in our family, plus it was also my boyfriend’s birthday month. You can say that my emotions were all over the place and I was just feeling so overwhelmed with life. IMG_7490 Continue reading “[Lifestyle] May 2018 Bullet Journal Flip Through”


[Lifestyle] Beginner Bullet Journal Supplies – On A Budget

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I hope you guys enjoyed a peek inside my Bullet Journal (BuJo)! Like I mentioned, I am a beginner and I’m hoping that this will help me with my creative skills (i.e. drawing, lettering, etc.) The BuJo has been something that has helped me document some of the best times and also some of the worst times. It’s fun to be able to flip through the pages – to be honest, I really just love the sound that the pages make once I’ve written on them. It’s tough to explain. Continue reading “[Lifestyle] Beginner Bullet Journal Supplies – On A Budget”

Pint-Size Reviews

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I wanted to post this before I actually started posting reviews based off of samples/deluxe samples that I receive with some of my orders. I am sure that there will be some unhappy folks out there who question why I would even bother with posting reviews when I’ve only tried the sample of it, so before that happens, I thought it would be best to provide a warning. Also, these reviews that will be based off a sample will be for department store brands only – there will be no drug store brands (I don’t even think they hand out samples).

When I opt to get a sample with my purchase, I do it because I’m genuinely interested in the product, but I don’t want to spend the money, time, and effort to go out and actually get it. Sure, I could read countless reviews, watch a bunch of YouTube videos, and even go down and swatch the product, but that doesn’t provide me any information about how it performs in the long run. Why would I want to purchase a full size of a product I end up not liking (after watching rave reviews on YouTube) and then have to take the time and effort to either go back to the store and return or to ship it back to wherever it came from?

I solely believe that a company should put the same effort and quality in a sample product as they do a full size product – I mean, isn’t the whole point to get people interested in purchasing the full  size? If a sample is going to perform like complete poop why should I bother with investing in it?

I have a bunch of little deluxe sample sizes of products that I received from orders, sets, etc. and I do think that they each deserve a review and I want to take the time and review them. Maybe one day when I’m bringing in the “dolla dolla bills yall” I will go out and pick up full size versions and compare them, but until then if you see a  review based off of a deluxe sample and you actually own the full size version, please let me know if you experience the same things with your product(s)! I would love to hear from all of you.




Hey guys!! I’ve decided to combine both my blogs into one. Though this blog’s main purpose was for makeup reviews, I wanted to also add in a life/personal side to the blog. On that page, you’ll see tips for things like studying/school and also more personal posts about things going on in my life or anything that I’ve learned over the years. I’ll still have my personal blog, secretdiaryofacollegegirl.wordpress.com, up and I’ll also continue to post on it, but I’m hoping I’ll eventually just merge everything to one blog. If my blog starts looking like a hot mess, you’ll know why!! Hope you guys will enjoy this new update, and don’t worry I’m currently testing out products for more first impressions and reviews. 

Have a great day guys!!



New Chapter

I’ve been a long time user of Blogger a.k.a. Blogspot, but I wanted to try a new blogging website. I’m excited to start using WordPress! Here’s a little info about me:

My name is Janelle, but I use ciaociao808 as a lot of my screen names, but I also use @ciaociaoreview for my main Twitter account. I’m currently a senior in college with a major in Business Management and a Minor in Marketing. This blog is focused on one of my favorite things which is makeup. I love trying out different products, both high-end and low-end, and I love talking about makeup; since most of my family and friends don’t like to talk about makeup I decided to start a blog where I can talk about makeup! My original blog can be found here and I’m most likely going to keep that blog page up, but I wanted to start a new blog from scratch.

In October of 2014, a group of friends and I started a website called Club of Jacks, where we talk about trends going on in our respected fields of interest, but the main reason we started it was to help others become the Jack of All Trades and be the master of everything that life throws at them. We provide advice posts and we encourage readers to tell us their own stories or tips.

I look forward to starting this new chapter, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep it up and figure out some type of schedule for my posts; I’m a full-time college student and I also work part-time, and don’t forget I need to study too.

Until my next post,

Stay Beautiful ❤