[Lifestyle] IT’S A SECRET – 7.3.2018

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As I am typing this, no one knows what’s going on, not even my close family and friends. I have been keeping this secret for about a week and a half at this point and I feel like I’m going to burst! Continue reading “[Lifestyle] IT’S A SECRET – 7.3.2018”

Buying Followers

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First off, I apologize if you follow both of my blogs and see this. However, this is something that I had been wanting to talk about for a couple of months now. With the job that I currently have, I get to see the behind the scenes (kind of) on how companies pick bloggers/social media personalities to sponsor and host. Here’s what I have learned. Continue reading “Buying Followers”

Mother’s Day Gift Guide – Michael Kors Bags

Mother's Day Gift Guide - Michael Kors Bags


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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to share so of my picks for a great Mother’s Day present from Michael Kors.

Continue reading “Mother’s Day Gift Guide – Michael Kors Bags”

[MUSIC MONDAYS] For The Broken Hearted, Hopeless, and Lost

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I hope you guys had a relaxing weekend. I wanted to do something for those of you have been going through a tough time in your life. For me to sit here and say that I know what it’s like and I know what you are going through would be a complete lie. Truth is nobody could know what you are going through and nobody can feel the pain that you feel. Someone once told me that all broken hearts feel the same pain, and over time I learned that we all hurt differently. Though the pain may seem the same on the outside, it’s completely different underneath it all… Continue reading “[MUSIC MONDAYS] For The Broken Hearted, Hopeless, and Lost”

[My Diary] Having A Sibling With Down Syndrome

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Today’s post is going to be different from my usual posts. In fact, I don’t think I have ever been this honest and “real” on a post before this one. I felt a need to talk about this – I rarely ever talk about my family, but I feel like there’s such a negative connotation around the subject that I needed to break my silence.  Continue reading “[My Diary] Having A Sibling With Down Syndrome”

[MY DIARY] Diary of a Shopaholic 

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I was attempting to clean up a section of my room tonight and it was the most cluttered section in my room. As I began I noticed bags and bags filled with stuff that I had forgotten about. Though most of the things that I had were actual necessities (i.e. lotion, body wash, feminine product, etc.) I found things like scrapbooking supplies, DIY materials, 2 clothing items, notebooks, etc. The truth is, I know I have a shopping problem, in fact… Continue reading “[MY DIARY] Diary of a Shopaholic “

[THE FIT JOURNEY] Gym Is My Motivation

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As most of you know, I began a journey to live a fit lifestyle. My goal wasn’t to lose a certain amount of weight or to look a certain way, my main goal is to feel better on the inside. I wanted to feel healthier, lighter, and have more energy.  Continue reading “[THE FIT JOURNEY] Gym Is My Motivation”