Merry #Blogmas Day 3 | DIY Planner

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I’ve done a DIY planner before, but there have been so many new office supplies that have come out lately that has made making a planner so easy and the best part, you don’t have to pay over $20 for it! The best part is that with this simple layout, you can customize it with a color scheme, design, etc.

This planner will have a full month calendar and sections for each week, with enough room to write down what you need each day.

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[OBSESSION] Crystal 3D Puzzles

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I wanted to share my most recent obsession! I’m not sure if you guys know this or not, but I have a super addictive personality; in a sense that when I like something and there’s multiples of it, I want them ALL. The same goes with these.  Continue reading “[OBSESSION] Crystal 3D Puzzles”

[BLOGMAS] Day 14 | Starting A Blog For Mom

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Today I decided to start a blog for my mom. She’s so creative and does so many cute things for her class. She may not be a teacher, but she does still have an impact on younger kids. She currently works at a daycare and they often decorate their class for the holidays and they also do mini crafts during the months.  Continue reading “[BLOGMAS] Day 14 | Starting A Blog For Mom”