[Lifestyle] Meal Planning – Week of April 1, 2018

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I wanted to share a little bit about this since it has been one of the most important aspect in my healthy lifestyle/weight loss journey. It’s a simple thing to do, but it can save you money and also save you from the temptation of eating random snacks/meals. It’s meal planning! Interested in seeing what I do? Keep reading! Continue reading “[Lifestyle] Meal Planning – Week of April 1, 2018”


[Lifestyle] Tip Thursday – Beginning

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Sorry I missed last week’s Tip Thursday – I have been trying desperately to catch up with the ever-growing pile of laundry, dishes and more laundry and dishes. Anyhow, for today’s Tip Thursday, I wanted to focus on what I consider to be the most important step when it came to my healthy lifestyle journey and that’s the beginning. I have often heard that when it comes to a healthy lifestyle/weight loss journey, most people say, “You just wake up one morning and you just have to decide that you want something better.” As much as I think that there is some validity to that, it’s not something that will sustain you the first few days of your journey. Continue reading “[Lifestyle] Tip Thursday – Beginning”

[Lifestyle] Tip Thursday – Meal Prep, Key to Success

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I wanted to start a new series to hopefully help you guys along your healthy lifestyle journey. As many of you know, I recently started the keto diet. I’m not sure what you consider recent, but I started it on January 1st. I have been documenting my experience mainly through food diaries, but they just became so repetitive, I didn’t see the need to continually post the same thing over and over again.

So instead, I wanted to share little tips here and there that have been helping me stick through the first 21 days of the diet. You know what they say, it takes 21 days to develop a habit; I’m past that now and I have no want to go back. Today, I wanted to share the importance of food prepping. No matter what diet you are on, food prepping is a great way to give yourself the extra edge.  Continue reading “[Lifestyle] Tip Thursday – Meal Prep, Key to Success”