[Lifestyle] When To Move

Hi hi hi!

The past few days have been a battle for me. I have been struggling a lot in regards to my depression, and the weather has seem to affect my physical health. I have been plagued with a headache since Monday, February 4th. I am currently taking antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines, but they don’t seem to be helping. Anyhow, I wanted to kind of just blab a bit regarding careers. Continue reading “[Lifestyle] When To Move”

[LIFE] Money

Slowly but surely money is becoming something that controls me. I used to tell people that no amount of money that I would get paid would be worth being unhappy. Right now, I’m a hypocrite. Though I enjoy the people that I work with, the actual work just isn’t for me. If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I would love to pursue blogging full time. I enjoy the ability to be creative and talk about whatever I want to and I enjoy connecting to others.  Continue reading “[LIFE] Money”

[FREEWAY SERIES] Step 2 – Discovery

If you’re following me on this Freeway series, I just want to say thank you so much! I hope that by sharing my thoughts and life experiences, we can work together to ease the burdens of life, and truly enjoy everything it has to offer. Today I bring you the second step in the Freeway series. To be honest this step can be a little difficult because it forces us to take a look at ourselves and do some self-evaluation. We’re going to be looking underneath the surface to figure out why you’re feeling the way you are.  Continue reading “[FREEWAY SERIES] Step 2 – Discovery”