Drug Store | Ride or Die – Eye Edition

Drug Store - Ride or Die | Eye Edition


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Maybelline – Color Tattoo Chrome | Beige Luster

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I know what you may be thinking – great here’s a negative review on another one of Maybelline’s Color Tattoo Chrome, well let me shock you all by saying that this particular color is one that I can get behind. Continue reading “Maybelline – Color Tattoo Chrome | Beige Luster”

Vacation Essentials | Summer 2016

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I hope you guys are having a great Summer so far! If you are planning to get in any more traveling before the Summer ends, here are some of my fave products to bring along, especially for warm climates.

Vacation Essentials | Summer 2016


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Maybelline – Color Tattoo Chrome |Sharp Purple

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If you follow me on Instagram (ciaociao808) you would have seen me post a picture featuring these new color tattoos from Maybelline. I was definitely excited because it was all chrome and I love basically chrome anything for the eyes. When I saw it in stores, I knew I had to pick one up.
 photo CD231B40-D7FB-440F-9FC5-2A682241EEE2.jpeg
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June 2016 Beauty Favorites

June 2016 Beauty Favorites


[REDEMPTION FRIDAYS] Maybelline | The Rock Nudes

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I hope you guys are enjoying my series I started here! I have also decided to integrate it into my YouTube Channel as well! Don’t forget to subscribe to it too so you can stay up to date: youtube.com/msluvly1234!

Today we’re going to give this palette another try. To be honest, I haven’t been impressed with all The Nudes palettes Maybelline came out with. I felt like they weren’t pigmented as some of their quads and they seem to only work with paler skin tones. By no means am I super tan/dark, but I couldn’t even get these colors to show up true to what they look like in the pan.
 photo 25D44768-12B0-480A-9C40-C23B5249922B.jpeg
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[MOTD] League of Legends Inspired | Miss Fortune

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I wanted to do a new series on my blog based around a very popular e-sports game called League of Legends. If you haven’t heard of it before, you can read up on it here. I don’t really play, but I watch my boyfriend play and I also sometimes watch NALCS. One of my favorite champs that I always like playing and felt comfortable playing is Miss Fortune. I feel like she’s on of my alter egos in a compute game form.  Continue reading “[MOTD] League of Legends Inspired | Miss Fortune”