[Lifestyle] Secret Engagement #3 – 7.24.2018

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Oh my goodness! I have exciting news! The ring finally came and it is absolutely gorgeous. I am head-over-heels for it and of course my guy. Continue reading “[Lifestyle] Secret Engagement #3 – 7.24.2018”

[Lifestyle] May 2018 Bullet Journal Flip Through

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I know I’m extremely late with posting this, but I wanted to share my May layout in my BuJo. May was definitely a tough month for me and I’m so glad that I had my BuJo there to provide me with an outlet for everything that I was going through. Work was overwhelming and extremely stressful, my uncle had passed away and we were dealing with planning his funeral, we had three high school graduates in our family, plus it was also my boyfriend’s birthday month. You can say that my emotions were all over the place and I was just feeling so overwhelmed with life. IMG_7490 Continue reading “[Lifestyle] May 2018 Bullet Journal Flip Through”

[Life] Worn – The Aftermath

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Where do I even begin? A part of me is frustrated for not having any posts go up, but a part of me knows that that’s how life is sometimes. I’m going to be quite frank with you guys – this post may become extremely uncomfortable for some and it may even trigger some of you. If you are sensitive to subjects like depression, suicide, and negativity, please close this screen and spend time doing something you thoroughly enjoy. Continue reading “[Life] Worn – The Aftermath”

The Best Christmas Gift

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I sincerely hope that all of you had an amazing Christmas! This year was a complete 180 from what last year was like. Last year, there were no presents under the tree, there was no family around, I had to work, and it just didn’t feel like Christmas was here.  Continue reading “The Best Christmas Gift”

[BLOGMAS] Day 14 | Starting A Blog For Mom

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Today I decided to start a blog for my mom. She’s so creative and does so many cute things for her class. She may not be a teacher, but she does still have an impact on younger kids. She currently works at a daycare and they often decorate their class for the holidays and they also do mini crafts during the months.  Continue reading “[BLOGMAS] Day 14 | Starting A Blog For Mom”

[BLOGMAS] Day 2 -What’s Important

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I woke up today and started my day how I usually do, which is dreading every moment and waiting for the day to be over. On my way in, I hope that I get sick or something happens just so I don’t have to go in (pretty sad right?) and once I get there, I go through the routine.

Continue reading “[BLOGMAS] Day 2 -What’s Important”

Thank You

Everyday I’m thankful for all the blessings I have in my life, but today I just want to say thank you to those who are following me and to those who have allowed me to say what’s on my mind.

Today is a day where I get to spend it with my family. Living in a city that never sleeps (Las Vegas) can often make it difficult to spend the holidays with family. Today is one of the first times in a while that we can all come together and just enjoy each other’s company.

Enjoy today, and create memories that you can look back on. Happy Thanksgiving everybody.