What’s In Janellie’s Belly? | Starting The Journey Again

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A journey is filled with ups and downs and unfortunately I’ve had many downs. With the whole move, I placed my diet and exercise on the back burner and focused on the whole move. Now that I’ve been in my new place for a while, it was time to focus on my health once again. Continue reading “What’s In Janellie’s Belly? | Starting The Journey Again”


[THE FIT JOURNEY] What I Ate Wednesday – March 23, 2016

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So I decided to attempt to do a What I Ate Wednesday, except, I took pictures on Tuesday. The reason behind it is that I stopped counting calories. Long story short, I don’t think my body had enough fuel to go through the day and help me lose weight. I decided instead of counting calories, I will just watch what I eat… Continue reading “[THE FIT JOURNEY] What I Ate Wednesday – March 23, 2016”

[THE FIT JOURNEY] Vlog 4 | Not About The Numbers

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First off, for those of you who are following my journey, I just want to take a moment to say thank you! I must say, it’s difficult to do these big changes when it feels like it’s just you making the changes, so I’m glad that hopefully I can help/motivate some of you to take that first step.

A few years ago… Continue reading “[THE FIT JOURNEY] Vlog 4 | Not About The Numbers”

[THE FIT JOURNEY] Gym Is My Motivation

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As most of you know, I began a journey to live a fit lifestyle. My goal wasn’t to lose a certain amount of weight or to look a certain way, my main goal is to feel better on the inside. I wanted to feel healthier, lighter, and have more energy.  Continue reading “[THE FIT JOURNEY] Gym Is My Motivation”