[Recipe] Keto Diet – Chicken Pesto Casserole

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I wanted to share a recipe that I love! I only tried it once, but once was more than enough for me to fall in love with it. Since going on the keto diet, I needed to arm myself with recipes that would be easy to follow and easy to prepare. One of the biggest things that always gets me in trouble with diets is that if I don’t have things readily available for me to eat, I will eat whatever I want.

I tried this recipe during my first week on the keto diet and absolutely fell in love with it. For the original recipe click here. Continue reading “[Recipe] Keto Diet – Chicken Pesto Casserole”


[Lifestyle] Keto Diet – What Day Is It?! – January 11, 2018

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It’s your lucky day – you get to read about my keto diet twice! I hope you guys had a great Thursday, and in all seriousness, thank you for taking the time to read my posts. I had a late start to today (got home a little later than usual last night), which also means, I’m pretty tired. Anyhow, let’s get in to the food!

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[Lifestyle] Keto Diet – January 3, 2018

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I have been loving the keto experience so far! I have been content with the way I’m feeling. Today was the second day that I was able to wake up and not dred getting out of bed – I guess it helps that I have been working hard to get my YouTube videos up semi-consistently. Anyhow, let’s go right into the meals.

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