Too Faced | Love Light Prismatic Highlighter | Ray Of Light

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I’m not sure if you were excited as I was when I first caught a glimpse of Too Faced’s Spring collection – I immediately knew I wanted to get my hands on the highlighters, I wanted all THREE of them. However, I decided to just buy one to see how I liked it. Let’s jump right into the review! photo 6CE03E01-86B3-40FE-8407-F37DF298B2C2.jpg Continue reading “Too Faced | Love Light Prismatic Highlighter | Ray Of Light”


Too Faced | Papa Don’t Peach Review

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This review seems a bit late, but I figured that since they are still selling it, why not post a review? What initially attracted me to this particular product was the fact that the original product I wanted was sold out, so I settled for this little guy… yes, I settled. However, I realize that some people may actually be interested in purchasing this blush so here are my thoughts! Continue reading “Too Faced | Papa Don’t Peach Review”

[MINi Me] Make Up For Ever – Lipstick N9 (Copper Pink)

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The colder weather is slowly starting to creep up on us here in Las Vegas, to be honest, it’s been a warm couple of weeks. To make it feel a little more like Fall, I started to really dig through my collection and find some warmer nudes.

I stumbled upon this particular MINi Me and I definitely wanted to try it out because it looked like a warm rosey-nude.  Continue reading “[MINi Me] Make Up For Ever – Lipstick N9 (Copper Pink)”

NARS | Velvet Lip Glide | Bound

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I’m not sure about you, but I hadn’t heard much on NARS’ line of Velvet Lip Glide. I watched one of my favorite YouTubers (emilynoel83) video on it and I was extremely intrigued so I just had to get one and try it out. Continue reading “NARS | Velvet Lip Glide | Bound”

[Pint Size Review] Too Faced | Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer

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This has to be one of the toughest product to review, mainly because I have such mixed impressions about this product. I have been using it for about 3 months and as much as I love it, I know deep down it’s definitely a product that isn’t for everyone.
 photo 9B422107-98E1-49BA-977F-97ABAA3AA121.png Continue reading “[Pint Size Review] Too Faced | Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer”

Pint-Size Reviews

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I wanted to post this before I actually started posting reviews based off of samples/deluxe samples that I receive with some of my orders. I am sure that there will be some unhappy folks out there who question why I would even bother with posting reviews when I’ve only tried the sample of it, so before that happens, I thought it would be best to provide a warning. Also, these reviews that will be based off a sample will be for department store brands only – there will be no drug store brands (I don’t even think they hand out samples).

When I opt to get a sample with my purchase, I do it because I’m genuinely interested in the product, but I don’t want to spend the money, time, and effort to go out and actually get it. Sure, I could read countless reviews, watch a bunch of YouTube videos, and even go down and swatch the product, but that doesn’t provide me any information about how it performs in the long run. Why would I want to purchase a full size of a product I end up not liking (after watching rave reviews on YouTube) and then have to take the time and effort to either go back to the store and return or to ship it back to wherever it came from?

I solely believe that a company should put the same effort and quality in a sample product as they do a full size product – I mean, isn’t the whole point to get people interested in purchasing the full  size? If a sample is going to perform like complete poop why should I bother with investing in it?

I have a bunch of little deluxe sample sizes of products that I received from orders, sets, etc. and I do think that they each deserve a review and I want to take the time and review them. Maybe one day when I’m bringing in the “dolla dolla bills yall” I will go out and pick up full size versions and compare them, but until then if you see a  review based off of a deluxe sample and you actually own the full size version, please let me know if you experience the same things with your product(s)! I would love to hear from all of you.



Maybelline – Color Tattoo Chrome |Sharp Purple

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If you follow me on Instagram (ciaociao808) you would have seen me post a picture featuring these new color tattoos from Maybelline. I was definitely excited because it was all chrome and I love basically chrome anything for the eyes. When I saw it in stores, I knew I had to pick one up.
 photo CD231B40-D7FB-440F-9FC5-2A682241EEE2.jpeg
Continue reading “Maybelline – Color Tattoo Chrome |Sharp Purple”