[Lifestyle] The Entrepreneur Diaries | All About The Money?

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I am currently in the throws of working on February releases and getting a few videos up for my YouTube channel. A part of me loves how the beginning months of the year seem to pass a little slower than the ending months. Anyhow, I wanted to take some time to talk realistically on why it may not be a good idea to completely dive in to your new business. Granted, this doesn’t apply to all small businesses, but it is something to think about. Continue reading “[Lifestyle] The Entrepreneur Diaries | All About The Money?”


[LIFE] Money

Slowly but surely money is becoming something that controls me. I used to tell people that no amount of money that I would get paid would be worth being unhappy. Right now, I’m a hypocrite. Though I enjoy the people that I work with, the actual work just isn’t for me. If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I would love to pursue blogging full time. I enjoy the ability to be creative and talk about whatever I want to and I enjoy connecting to others.  Continue reading “[LIFE] Money”