Drugstore | Ride or Die Tag – Face Edition

Ride or die tag - face edition

I saw this tag floating around YouTube and I thought it would be a fun idea to show you guys my holy grail, OG, ride or die products. Instead of jamming everything into one post I decided to split it up by face, eyes, and lips. I also am going to show some of my department store brand faves. For now here are my drugstore picks for the face. Continue reading “Drugstore | Ride or Die Tag – Face Edition”


Maybelline – Color Tattoo Chrome | Beige Luster

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I know what you may be thinking – great here’s a negative review on another one of Maybelline’s Color Tattoo Chrome, well let me shock you all by saying that this particular color is one that I can get behind. Continue reading “Maybelline – Color Tattoo Chrome | Beige Luster”

Maybelline – Master Contour -Medium

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I’m just going to keep rolling with these Maybelline reviews. Why? Because they are like the only ones to have come out with products that I actually want to try! So today’s review is on their Master Contour stick. What is it? It’s a double sided stick that has a contouring color on one side and a brightening color on the other. So is it worth the $10? Continue reading “Maybelline – Master Contour -Medium”

Maybelline – Color Tattoo Chrome |Sharp Purple

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If you follow me on Instagram (ciaociao808) you would have seen me post a picture featuring these new color tattoos from Maybelline. I was definitely excited because it was all chrome and I love basically chrome anything for the eyes. When I saw it in stores, I knew I had to pick one up.
 photo CD231B40-D7FB-440F-9FC5-2A682241EEE2.jpeg
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[REVIEW] Milani | 2-in-1 Foundation

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I promised this post a while ago, but I got distracted with work and other things. I’ve been trying a bunch of new foundations out and then today I saw this in the back of my foundation stash and remembered I didn’t post my review! So here it is, I must admit it won’t be the greatest, but let’s jump in!
 photo Milani 1.jpg
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[FIRST IMPRESSION] NYC | Lovatics – Natural

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Wow, about time for a beauty post right?! I’ve been meaning to post this since last week. I’ve actually been trying out a couple of palettes and decided to post about this one first. This palette is NYC’s collaboration with Demi Lovato. So am I planning on returning this anytime soon?  photo Lovatics_natural_1.jpg

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[FIRST IMPRESSION] L’Oreal | Lumi Cushion Foundation

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I’m finally back with a beauty review! It legitimately feels like I haven’t posted anything beauty related in a month! Anyhow, I am back with a review on an exciting drug store find. Continue reading “[FIRST IMPRESSION] L’Oreal | Lumi Cushion Foundation”