[Beauty] Sephora VIB Sale – Spring/Summer 2018 Wish List

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It’s been a while since I posted any type of beauty post, but with the VIB sale here, I wanted to share my wish list. Also, if you have any input in regards to any of the products I mention, please share them with me in the comments below! This list consists of (almost) everything I would want to buy from Sephora during the VIB sale if money wasn’t an issue. Obviously, your girl here aint rolling in them bills, so I can only lust over some of these. However, I do plan on actually picking up a couple of these products, but I will let you know which ones. Continue reading “[Beauty] Sephora VIB Sale – Spring/Summer 2018 Wish List”


Makeup News | 6.6.2017

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I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep this up, but when I’m at work, it’s tough to keep up with everything that’s going to be launching and what has launched. I wanted to compile everything that I’ve seen floating around my social media into one list. So here’s the list for today. Continue reading “Makeup News | 6.6.2017”

NARS | Velvet Lip Glide | Bound

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I’m not sure about you, but I hadn’t heard much on NARS’ line of Velvet Lip Glide. I watched one of my favorite YouTubers (emilynoel83) video on it and I was extremely intrigued so I just had to get one and try it out. Continue reading “NARS | Velvet Lip Glide | Bound”

Sephora Favorites | Give Me Some Lip

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I wanted to get this post up ASAP because this is such a good deal! So let’s just jump right into it. Continue reading “Sephora Favorites | Give Me Some Lip”

[FIRST IMPRESSION] The Estee Edit |Skin Glowing Balm

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Wow, I am finally coming back to my roots and talking about my third love – makeup! The reason why I haven’t been doing any makeup post is because I just really haven’t been extremely excited about anything that has come out lately – however, I have found a handful of duds. I did want to talk about this particular product because I was extremely excited when I first started seeing Continue reading “[FIRST IMPRESSION] The Estee Edit |Skin Glowing Balm”

[FIRST IMPRESSION / NEW AT THE DRUG STORE!] Maybelline | Up In Smoke Full Face Palette

YES! You read that correctly! Maybelline has come out with a full face palette for the holiday season. I’m trying to think if there has been any other drug store brand to do something like this, and nothing comes to mind. When I stopped by my local Walgreens and saw this I had to pick it up. *There’s also a more neutral/gold palette as well*Maybelline_Up In Smoke_1

Continue reading “[FIRST IMPRESSION / NEW AT THE DRUG STORE!] Maybelline | Up In Smoke Full Face Palette”