[Lifestyle] YouTube Rant-ish

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As a (small) content creator, it has been a struggle to break through the heavily saturated field. I know that there have been others who have worked harder and longer (that’s what she said) than I have and have yet to have any type of break through. The truth is, it’s tough. Continue reading “[Lifestyle] YouTube Rant-ish”


Sephora VIB Sale | April 2017

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One of my favorite times of the year is coming up and that’s Sephora’s VIB sale. I love being able to get discounts on products from one of my favorite stores. If you’re new to the whole makeup world I say head down to Sephora and sign up for their Beauty Insider program to get in on the deals!

I must advise though that during these sales, you’ll want to pick up items from brands who never have any type of sale, who don’t offer much discounts, etc. so you’re mainly looking at more luxe brands like Dior, Givenchy, Guerlain, etc., because brands like Too Faced, Tarte, Urban Decay, and Stila often have sales that provide you a better deal than what you would get during the Beauty Insider sale.

Anyhow, I wanted to take the time to share with you my wish list and products I would highly suggest picking up. Continue reading “Sephora VIB Sale | April 2017”

[CAREER] Blogging | Biggest Step Yet

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So a couple of days ago I did something… Something really big, well for me it’s big. If you look very closely at the url you might notice something. It’s very small, but it means something so much more than you can imagine.  Continue reading “[CAREER] Blogging | Biggest Step Yet”

[CAREER] What’s It Worth?

This is for all the entrepreneurs, small full-time bloggers, freelance bloggers (if that’s a thing), and anybody who is working to make it big on YouTube or any social media. I’m at this point where I want to devote full time to my blog because I really believe I can make it work and I also want to start a small business. However, I’m currently working a full time job which offers me good pay and benefits.
Here’s my struggle. The more I work this job I’m realizing that I’m not someone who’s comfortable working an 8-5, behind a desk, away from the whole world. I enjoyed working in retail because I had so much interaction with so many different people. I also loved the fact that every time I went to work it felt like I was going to my second home. I enjoyed not working a full day because I could work my other job and work on my blog.

Continue reading “[CAREER] What’s It Worth?”