[Lifestyle] I Did A Thing…

Hi hi hi!

The past couple of months have been so busy and honestly, I haven’t had the time to really update this blog. I have just been inundated with a new project that I started and now, I can finally tell you what I’ve been up to! I OPENED MY ONLINE SHOP! Continue reading “[Lifestyle] I Did A Thing…”


[CAREER] What’s It Worth?

This is for all the entrepreneurs, small full-time bloggers, freelance bloggers (if that’s a thing), and anybody who is working to make it big on YouTube or any social media. I’m at this point where I want to devote full time to my blog because I really believe I can make it work and I also want to start a small business. However, I’m currently working a full time job which offers me good pay and benefits.
Here’s my struggle. The more I work this job I’m realizing that I’m not someone who’s comfortable working an 8-5, behind a desk, away from the whole world. I enjoyed working in retail because I had so much interaction with so many different people. I also loved the fact that every time I went to work it felt like I was going to my second home. I enjoyed not working a full day because I could work my other job and work on my blog.

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