[Lifestyle] Log Out – It’s Ruining You

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Today’s post is going to be a little serious talk here. Not because I think I know everything, but because along my healthy lifestyle journey, it has affected me and my progress. Believe it or not, it’s social media.  Continue reading “[Lifestyle] Log Out – It’s Ruining You”


Buying Followers

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First off, I apologize if you follow both of my blogs and see this. However, this is something that I had been wanting to talk about for a couple of months now. With the job that I currently have, I get to see the behind the scenes (kind of) on how companies pick bloggers/social media personalities to sponsor and host. Here’s what I have learned. Continue reading “Buying Followers”

Social Media – My Weakness

March 28, 2015 (original post here)

When I lived in Hawaii, social media was used as a way for us to share content (videos, pictures, gifs, etc) with our immediate friends. It was a way for us to quickly share funny things, and not have to waste our data. It was when I moved to the mainland social media became something I relied heavily upon. Continue reading “Social Media – My Weakness”