It’s Been A Year

Hi folks! This is going to be a creative writing piece that I did in tribute to my uncle who passed away last year. I must include this quick trigger warning: suicide.

My uncle decided to take his own life last year and ever since then, my family and I have never been the same. I can admit that we still struggle and I can admit that we still hurt, but I hope that this may shine a different light on the subject. I hope that this might be able to open the eyes of someone who is contemplating it and they realize that there’s a ripple effect. Suicide is something to not joke about and it’s something that millions of people are struggling with; keyword being struggling and I am one of them. I fight everyday to stay here. I fight everyday to keep going, to survive another day. I fight, but I know that other people fight as well, but sometimes they just can’t win the battle.

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