It’s Been A Year

Hi folks! This is going to be a creative writing piece that I did in tribute to my uncle who passed away last year. I must include this quick trigger warning: suicide.

My uncle decided to take his own life last year and ever since then, my family and I have never been the same. I can admit that we still struggle and I can admit that we still hurt, but I hope that this may shine a different light on the subject. I hope that this might be able to open the eyes of someone who is contemplating it and they realize that there’s a ripple effect. Suicide is something to not joke about and it’s something that millions of people are struggling with; keyword being struggling and I am one of them. I fight everyday to stay here. I fight everyday to keep going, to survive another day. I fight, but I know that other people fight as well, but sometimes they just can’t win the battle.

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[Life] Worn – The Aftermath

Hi hi hi –

Where do I even begin? A part of me is frustrated for not having any posts go up, but a part of me knows that that’s how life is sometimes. I’m going to be quite frank with you guys – this post may become extremely uncomfortable for some and it may even trigger some of you. If you are sensitive to subjects like depression, suicide, and negativity, please close this screen and spend time doing something you thoroughly enjoy. Continue reading “[Life] Worn – The Aftermath”