[TRAVEL DIARIES] Top Golf – Las Vegas

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Something new opened in Vegas, and it has to be one of the family-friendliest attractions yet. Top Golf had recently opened in Las Vegas and me, my boyfriend and a couple of our friends decided to check it out!  Continue reading “[TRAVEL DIARIES] Top Golf – Las Vegas”



hi hi hi!

I don’t know about you, but I love Korean BBQ, especially AYCE (all you can eat)! Gen Korean BBQ is a new restaurant near Sunset Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. I was extremely excited to try it because the Korean BBQ place I usually go to is okay – you get a decent amount for the price, but the meats don’t have a lot of flavor in it and it was on a local segment called “Dirty Dining” (yum… NOT). Ever since that, I haven’t gone back. So I wanted to find a new Korean BBQ place.
 photo 3027C04F-4463-4B6C-BE9A-1FC08F442653.jpg Continue reading “[TASTY TUESDAY] Gen Korean BBQ”

[TRAVEL DIARIES] Six Flags | Magic Mountain

If there’s one thing I have a love/hate relationship with it’s rollercoasters. I love the thrill and adrenaline rush I get afterwards, but I hate the anticipation of waiting in line and for the turns, loops, flips, etc. During Summer we took a trip to Six Flags because my boyfriend wanted to share the awesome-ness with me. Continue reading “[TRAVEL DIARIES] Six Flags | Magic Mountain”