Makeup News | 6.6.2017

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I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep this up, but when I’m at work, it’s tough to keep up with everything that’s going to be launching and what has launched. I wanted to compile everything that I’ve seen floating around my social media into one list. So here’s the list for today. Continue reading “Makeup News | 6.6.2017”


Urban Decay | VICE Liquid Lipstick | Double Crossed

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With Urban Decay having their Friends and Fanatics sale I decided to quickly post my thoughts on Urban Decay’s Liquid Lipstick in Double Crossed. If you haven’t seen my review for Rapture, you can check it out here! photo F72B9E89-51CB-480D-9157-F2AE0B8A6223_1.jpg Continue reading “Urban Decay | VICE Liquid Lipstick | Double Crossed”

Urban Decay | VICE Liquid Lipstick | Rapture

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Welcome back to another review! Can you believe we’re already in February?! Anyhow I wanted to share my review of Urban Decay’s VICE Liquid Lipstick in Rapture since Valentine’s Day is coming up and I’m sure some of you may be looking for a new long-lasting lippie ;D photo F72B9E89-51CB-480D-9157-F2AE0B8A6223.jpg Continue reading “Urban Decay | VICE Liquid Lipstick | Rapture”

Ride or Die – Face Edition

Ride or Die - Face Edition


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Vacation Essentials | Summer 2016

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I hope you guys are having a great Summer so far! If you are planning to get in any more traveling before the Summer ends, here are some of my fave products to bring along, especially for warm climates.

Vacation Essentials | Summer 2016


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June 2016 Beauty Favorites

June 2016 Beauty Favorites


[BEAUTY NEWS] Week of 5/15/2016

Hello! I wanted to start a new series called Beauty News where I bring you exciting news and launches from the beauty world.

Let’s get started! Continue reading “[BEAUTY NEWS] Week of 5/15/2016”